Robert Douglas

  • Felix Jacoves – Homicide (1949)

    In the desert resort town of Glorietta Springs, near Los Angeles, farm laborer Brad Clifton arrives at the Webb Ranch, looking for work. Mrs. Webb, the farmer’s wife, directs Clifton to the lemon groves, but there, he encounters Nick Foster and Pete Kimmel with Webb’s body. They order him to claim that he saw a drunken Webb fall off the tractor. When Clifton tries to get away, they shove money at him and threaten to tell the police that he murdered the man. Clifton does as he is told, and a coroner’s jury determines that Webb died as the result of an accident.Read More »

  • Douglas Sirk – Thunder on the Hill (1951)

    A convicted murderer is being transported to Norwich for execution when a flood strands her and her guards at a convent hospital. During her stay, a nun becomes convinced of her innocence and sets out to find the real killer.Read More »

  • Lewis Allen – At Sword’s Point (1952)

    France, 1648: Richelieu and Louis XIII are dead, the new king is a minor, and the Duc de Lavalle is in virtually open rebellion, scheming to seize power. As a last resort, Queen Anne summons the heirs of the original Musketeers to her aid…including Claire, daughter of Athos, who when she chooses can miraculously pass as a boy, and wields as fine a sword as any. All their skills will be needed for a battle against increasing odds. One for all and all for one! Written by Rod CrawfordRead More »

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