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Hal Hartley – Simple Men (1992)

A pair of brothers dodge the law while trying to locate their long-lost father in this third feature from independent New York filmmaker Hal Hartley. Robert John Burke stars as Bill McCabe, a failed computer thief who’s just been doublecrossed by his girlfriend and partner. Vowing revenge on the next beautiful blonde he encounters, Bill meets up with his younger brother Dennis (William Sage), a philosophy student concerned about their father William (John A. MacKay). It seems the McCabe paterfamilias was a former major league shortstop who became an anarchist bomber in the 1960s, nearly blowing up the Pentagon. Read More »

Hal Hartley – Flirt (1995)

Flirt is one of Hartley’s more experimental works. It is, essentially, three variations on one short film, each set in different parts of the world (the US, Germany and Japan). Those that know and love Hartley’s work (especially his shorts) will find themselves right at home. It’s smart, funny and ultimately quite touching. Read More »