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Daniel Sandu – Tata muta muntii AKA The Father Who Moves Mountains (2021)

Mircea, a retired intelligence officer, finds out that his son from has gone missing in the mountains. After days of searches, Mircea put his own rescue team together, leading to altercation… Read More »

Radu Jude – Babardeala cu bucluc sau porno balamuc AKA Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (2021)

Emi, a school teacher, finds her career and reputation under threat after a personal sex tape is leaked on the Internet. Forced to meet the parents demanding her dismissal, Emi refuses to surrender to their pressure.

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (Romanian: Babardeală cu bucluc sau porno balamuc) is a Romanian comedy and drama film written and directed by Radu Jude, and produced by Ada Solomon. It stars Katia Pascariu, Claudia Ieremia and Olimpia Mălai.

The film had its worldwide premiere at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival in March 2021 and won the Golden Bear in the main competition section. It is the third Romanian film to win the Golden Bear in the last nine years. Read More »

Mircea Daneliuc – Iacob (1988)

Iacob, a Transylvanian miner, is wrongly suspected of having stolen some gold. As punishment, he is transferred to another mine, farther away from his home. The effort is gruelling, the way home never-ending. Read More »

Mircea Saucan – Tarmul n-are sfîrsit AKA The Endless Shore (1962)

In the summer of 1962, a soldier on leave and a girl from Moscow enjoy a brief but intense love affair on the shores of the Black Sea. Their love games mesh with the games of children on the beach; their dialogues are a mixture of Romanian and Russian, humorous and lyrical at the same time. But the soldier has to return to duty, and all that’s left for the girl is the hope that the two will meet again some day. Read More »

Stere Gulea – Morometii 2 AKA Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time (2018)

A sequel to Romanian cinema’s best-known family saga, The Moromete Family (1987), the film continues the tale of Ilie Moromete and his family, this time focusing on his youngest son, Niculae. The entire world order of the village, where the most important thing is to own land and live as a peasant, changes with the Communist regime and their collectivization. The years 1945 to 1946 find Ilie Moromete aging, but still healthy. There are tensions between him and his second wife Catrina and Ilie’s children from his first marriage. Niculae is the only one of the children who has gone to school. He’s finished three high school years and stopped before the final year, because of the lack of money. What he wants most in this world is to finish his studies. He becomes a journalist and novelist and writes about the changing times he’s seen. — IMDB Read More »

Manole Marcus – Actorul si salbaticii AKA The Actor and the Savages (1975)

Defying threats coming from leaders of the fascist Iron Guard movement, music-hall comedian and theatre manager Costica Caratase (whos character is based on legendary real-life actor and theatre director Constantin Tanas) prepares his new show – a satirical musical comedy that pokes fun at The Iron Guard and Nazi Germany. A day before the premiere, Caratase is kidnapped, his assistant, Ionel Friedman murdered… Read More »

Cristian Mungiu – Bacalaureat AKA Graduation (2016)

Though she’s won a scholarship and just needs to pass her final exams, the dreams of a small mountain town physician’s daughter could be jeopardized when she’s attacked. Read More »