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Aleksandr Proshkin – Mikhaylo Lomonosov (1986)


The strength of mind of Mikhailo Lomonosov was comparable only to that of the Russian Spirit itself. An amazing mixture of natural (rather than ancestral) nobility, overwhelming intellect, sense of the beauty, humour, kind heart, and a total dedication, self sacrifice to the most deserving ideals, would make any true Russian, including Peter the Great, the most proud for the land that gave birth to this unimaginably capable human being. And the film brings out this point to you, not only using great talent of the inspired actors and director, but also by quoting historical facts and documents, and precisely reproducing events, scenes and even emotions. Read More »

    Boris Barnet – Alyonka (1961)

    Kazakhstan, the 50s. The main heroine of the film is a nine-year-old girl Alyonka, who is sent to town by her parents to study. The girl meets various companions on her long way. Some of them are telling about the story of their settlement or their attempt to settle in this Far East. Read More »

      Larisa Shepitko – Znoy (1963)

      Heat was Shepitko’s diploma feature, her extraordinary talent underlined by its unprecedented success, winning prizes at the Leningrad and Karlovy Vary Film Festivals. It was also made in gruelling conditions on the barren steppes, the young director falling ill and having to direct from a stretcher. The story fuses serious political drama and cowboy showdown as an idealistic high school graduate goes to work on a state farm, only to clash with its authoritarian, Stalinist leader. Read More »

        Aleksey German – Moy drug Ivan Lapshin AKA My Friend Ivan Lapshin (1985)

        Aleksei German’s singular, multithreaded drama My Friend Ivan Lapshin offers a uniquely stylized look at life in Russia as the flaws of Communism were just beginning to show. Set in a provincial Russian village during the 1930s, the film at times recalls the autobiographical work of Terence Davies or Woody Allen’s Radio Days. Like the work of those directors, German’s film filters most experiences through the eyes of a child, although the child/narrator in this particular movie is not present in the majority of the scenes. Read More »

          Stanislav Govorukhin – Desyat negrityat AKA Ten Little Indians (1987)

          A psychological thriller based on the novel by Agatha Christie. Ten strangers are forced to come face to face with their dark pasts after receiving invitation to an isolated island off the coast of England. Read More »

            Ilya Khrzhanovskiy & Aleksey Slusarchuk – DAU. Teoriya strun AKA DAU. String Theory (2020)

            Nikita Nekrasov is a scientist, a theoretical physicist who studies our world and other possible worlds. He refuses to make a choice between mathematics and physics, between one woman and another, as he ponders the existence of the multi-universe. At scientific conferences, attended by eminent foreign scientists and a rising younger generation of physicists alike, Nekrasov gets carried away debating the beauty of string theory. He attempts to explain to all of his women – Katya, the librarian, Zoya, the scientific secretary, Svetalana, the head of department – about the theory of his own polygamy, and the possibility of having enough feelings to satisfy everyone. Read More »

              Ilya Khrzhanovskiy & Jekaterina Oertel – DAU. Nikita Tanya (2020)

              Within the top secret Institute of Physics Problems, the scientist Nikita Nekrasov is visited by his wife and small children. While away from his family the physicist has managed to fall in love with other women. In open conversations with his spouse – in the bedroom, the dining room, and while out walking – he attempts to convince her of the legitimacy of polygamous relationships, and to test the limits of her unconditional love. Read More »