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Takashi Miike – Waru (2006)

While it has been reported on several anime news sites that the newest Takashi Miike film is based on the Hashida Yukari “boy’s love” manga, WARU, the live action film is actually based on a popular 70s manga of the same title. Japanese sources clearly credit Hisao Maki’s dramatic action manga, WARU — an edgy action-packed tale of outlaw swordsman Youji Himuro — as the story on which the film is based. Read More »

Yôichi Sai – A Sign Days AKA Via Okinawa (1989)

During the Vietnam War era, the influx of American soldiers to Okinawa boosted the local economy and introduced many bars and nightclubs. With exhausting displays of energy, Sai presents a whirlwind romance between a local rocker and the daughter of a mixed American-Okinawan marriage. Read More »