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Hiroyuki Nasu – Bishôjo puroresu: Shisshin 10-byo mae AKA Beautiful Wrestler: Down for the Count (1984)

Megu (Natsuko Yamamoto) enrolls in an extracurricular girls’ wrestling club, but things aren’t quite what she expected. She soon learns the club’s training program includes humiliating sexual submission to the senior female wrestlers and that the club’s finances are secured with the prostitution of the girls to the members of a nearby all-male wrestling club. Megu’s life is further strained when a rival wrestler Shinobu (Kaoru Ada) shows interest in her new boyfriend. This tension erupts at a no-holds-barred wrestling match. Megu’s strength is pushed to the limit but she has a secret weapon—superhuman strength whenever she removes her tampon. Read More »

Shôgorô Nishimura – Kôkô kyôshi: Seijuku AKA High School Teacher: Maturing (1985)

A female highschool teacher (Rei Akasaka) must deal with sexual harrassment from her students and being trapped in a love triangle with two men, neither of whom has any interest in marrying her. Read More »