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Alessandro Comodin – I Tempi Felici Verranno Presto AKA Happy Times Will Come Soon (2016)

Homo homini lupus” – man is a wolf unto man – could be the motto of this film. In this triptych of associatively connected parts, man and nature become intertwined, with legends, rural beauty and romance as the main ingredients in the mix. In the first part, which probably takes place shortly after World War II in the Aosta Valley in Northern Italy, Tomasso and Arturo roam the woods. They hunt, collect mushrooms and steal food and clothing from abandoned huts. Until fate intervenes in the form of an encounter with armed villagers. Tomasso reappears in the second and third parts. More than half a century later, the woods where he hid are teeming with wolves. Visitors to the taverns tell one another stories about a legendary wolf that stalked beautiful girls. This doesn’t stop local beauty Ariane from going into the woods to investigate. Read More »

Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau – L’arbre et la forêt AKA Family Tree (2010)


Frédérick’s passion in life is growing trees, but for sixty years he has been cultivating something more potent than plant life – a dark secret. Only his wife and his son know the truth about his past. After his son’s death, Frédérick realises that he must now let the rest of his family in on his long-kept secret… Read More »