Salvador Allende

  • Patricio Guzmán – Salvador Allende (2004)

    Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán has lived in Europe in exile for many years
    but continues to make features about his native country. His latest, the
    documentary ‘Salvador Allende’, is not a classical biography (though it has
    elements of that too) but rather a chronicle of a search by the filmmaker himself,
    who was greatly inspired in his youth by Allende, to see what was is left in Chile
    now of Allende’s legacy, and what was it then, that made Allende an inspirational
    figure for so many.Read More »

  • Patricio Guzmán – Le Cas Pinochet AKA The Pinochet Case (2001)

    True story of the saga that was hoped to be the long-awaited justice brought to bear upon Augosto Pinochet, Chilean dictator from 1973 to 1990. In September 1998, Pinochet flew to London on a pleasure trip but experienced back pain and underwent an operation in the London Clinic. Upon waking, he was arrested by Scotland Yard. Could it be that this was to become the first Latin American dictator to answer for crimes while serving as Head of State? After 500 days of house arrest, he nevertheless eventually returned unscathed to Chile, despite the compelling case built against him before & during this period by a young Spanish prosecutor, Carlos Castresana.Read More »

  • Roberto Rossellini – Intervista a Salvador Allende: La forza e la ragione (1973)

    This year, the 65th edition of the Venice International Film Festival screened and restored this movie in a Golden Age retrospective. It’s a 36′ interview in 16mm with Salvador Allende, the socialist politician who had became President of Chile at that time, filmed at Allende’s villa in Santiago. Two years after the interview, Allende was overthrow and murdered by the general Augusto Pinochet, in a coup d’état which involved active C.I.A. collaboration. Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it. Rossellini’s title became prophetic and as it often happened in the History, the brute force killed the reason. This is just a Tvrip from RAI3, not the restored copy.Read More »

  • Santiago Álvarez – De América soy hijo… y a ella me debo AKA I Am A Son Of America… And I Am Indebted To It (1975)

    Santiago Alvarez’ account of the trip by Fidel Castro to Chile in November 1971, expanded into an historical view of imperialist exploitation across Latin America.Read More »

  • John Pilger – The War On Democracy (2007)

    Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
    John Pilger’s angry story of how a rapacious US covertly brutalised its Latin American neighbours should be a compelling documentary. And so it often is, despite being marred by a dewy-eyed interview with President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, which has moments of almost Hello!-magazine deference. Pilger does not try to be a comedian like the Michael Moore generation; austerely, he recounts the shabby tale of how the postwar United States set about doing what we failed to do with Nasser over Suez: namely, remove inconvenient nationalisers in small countries, using phoney pretexts cooked up with the help of compliant media – what’s now known as “spin”. All over South America, the US found ways of toppling democratically elected leaders, replacing them with brutal strongmen who would protect US interests.Read More »

  • Raoul Ruiz – Ahora te vamos a llamar hermano (1971)


    Raoul Ruiz shot this film on March 28th, 1971, during the big peasant march in Temuco, Chile, when the bill that gave the full citizenship and civil rights to the Mapuche Indio people was approved. Raoul Ruiz listens to their painful stories.Read More »

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