Sam Stewart

  • Shirley Clarke – Four Journeys into Mystic Time: One-2-3 (1978)

    This abstract work featuring three dancers interacting with large screens as well as each other. Costuming and color play an integral role in this piece, part of Shirley Clarke’s FOUR JOURNEYS INTO MYSTIC TIME.Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965)


    After hubby Ted goes to work, Ellen putters around the apartment in her nightgown cleaning up. When she takes the trash out, the janitor forces her into his apartment and rapes her. When he tries to rape her again, she dispatches him and then hits the road, a fugitive from injustice. She goes to the Big City and encounters a string of situations where she gets used and abused. When she finally finds a nice woman to rent from, the woman’s son turns out to be a detective, which threatens her newly found identity and peace of mind.Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – My Brother’s Wife (1966)


    A little info about Doris Wishman:
    by Jens Hellroute
    “After I die I will make movies in hell!” was a line Doris Wishman, the most prolific female independent filmmaker ever, stated many times. Well, I hope Beelzebub treats her nice because the queen of sexploitation cinema left us on August 10, 2002, in Miami. Like many ladies she lied about her age, but her nephew Norman Wishman recently informed the world that Doris was born July 23, 1912, which makes her an impressive 90 at the time when she sadly lost her long battle with lymphoma cancer.Read More »

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