Samantha Lang

  • Samantha Lang – L’Idole AKA The Idol (2002)

    2001-2010DramaFranceSamantha Lang

    In an old Parisian apartment block, Zao, an elderly refined Chinese man, crosses paths with Sarah, a troubled young Australian actress, who has just moved in across the hallway. The day she reveals her plans for a vengeful suicide, he proposes a pact: to cook for her until the fateful date. And so begins an ambiguous and subtly erotic friendship, under the ever watchful and envious eyes of the other inhabitants who do their best to disrupt this mystifying relationship.Read More »

  • Samantha Lang – The Monkey’s Mask (2000)

    1991-2000AustraliaDramaQueer Cinema(s)Samantha Lang

    Jill Fitzpatrick is a 28-year old, street-smart, out-of-work private investigator wishing she wasn’t celibate.
    Eager for the taste of adrenaline, she accepts a job investigating the disappearance of Mickey, a young female student. Jill quickly strikes a spark with the seductive Diana, Mickey’s poetry lecturer.
    But it is not long before Mickey’s strangled body is found. Distrusting the cops, Mickey’s grief-stricken parents ask Jill to find her murderer. Jill is soon hurled into a passionate liaison with Diana as she enters the surprisingly seamy underworld of Mickey’s life, looking for clues to her murder.Read More »

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