Satyajit Ray

  • Satyajit Ray – Nayak AKA The Hero (1966) (HD)

    Satyajit Ray1961-1970ClassicsDramaIndia
    Nayak (1966) (HD)
    Nayak (1966) (HD)

    Arindam, a matinee idol, is going by train to collect an acting award. On the train, he is confronted by Aditi, a journalist who somewhat unwillingly starts to take his interview. Arindam, won over by Aditi’s naivete, starts to disclose his past, his fears and his secrets.Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Apur Sansar (1959)

    1951-1960ClassicsDramaIndiaSatyajit Ray

    “The World of Apu” is the third and final installment in the film trilogy of Satyajit Ray’s (Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apur Sansar) Apu has grown to manhood and has been forced to give up his studies and find employment. Unable to find work, he is writing a novel based on his life. In a representation of an arranged marriage Apu nobly stands in for a distraught bridegroom. He had never seen his wife before the ceremony but together they find brief happiness. Tragedy again befalls Apu as his pregnant wife dies in childbirth. His son is brought into the world but blamed by his father for his mothers death. Apu matures, overcomes and sets forth with his boy, Kajal, to Calcutta to continue his adventure and start a new beginning.Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Sadgati AKA Deliverance (1981)

    Satyajit Ray1981-1990DramaIndia

    In this interesting look at the differences in the indian caste system, an untouchable Dukhi (played by Om Puri) approaches the village Brahmin to request him to set an auspicious date for his daughter’s upcoming wedding according to the Hindu astrology. The Brahmin promises to perform the task in exchange of Dukhi slaving over household chores in return. (-Artificial Eye)Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Sikkim (1971)

    1971-1980DocumentaryIndiaSatyajit Ray

    Sikkim is a 1971 Indian documentary about the nation of Sikkim, directed by Satyajit Ray. The documentary was commissioned by the Chogyal (King) of Sikkim at a time when he felt the sovereignty of Sikkim was under threat from both China and India. Ray’s documentary is about the sovereignty of Sikkim. The film was banned by the government of India, when Sikkim merged with India in 1975. In 2000, the copyright of the film was transferred to the Art and Culture Trust of Sikkim. The ban was finally lifted by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in September 2010. In November 2010 the director of the Kolkata film festival stated that upon filming the documentary for the first time, he received an injunction from the court of Sikkim again banning the film.Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Heerak Rajar Deshe aka Kingdom of Diamonds (1980)

    1971-1980AsianClassicsIndiaSatyajit Ray


    Hirak Rajar Deshe is the second movie of the Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne series directed by Satyajit Ray. An unique aspect of the film is that most of the dialogues exchanged by the protagonists of the film are rhyming. Satyajit Ray was initially apprehensive whether this approach would be liked by people as it was a novel one but it was a great success.Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Jalsaghar AKA The Music Room (1958)

    Satyajit Ray1951-1960DramaIndiaMusical

    Jalsaghar opens to the shot of a large, ornate, candlelit chandelier, precariously swaying from the momentum of its cumbersome weight. It is a vestige of the fading grandeur of Huzur Biswambhar Roy’s (Chhabi Biswas) cherished jalsaghar – the elegant entertainment room where guests listen to the performance of traditional musicians amid eroded columns and peeling plaster. In early twentieth century India, it is also a symptom of Roy’s aristocratic obsolescence. Roy lounges on his empty rooftop terrace, overlooking his inherited property, now worthlessly reduced to marshland, staring idly into space, smoking his hookah pipe. Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Abhijaan AKA The Expedition (1962)

    Satyajit Ray1961-1970DramaIndia

    Abhijan was Satyajit Ray’s most popular film in Bengal: a “conscious” effort to communicate with a wider audience. The project was originally conceived by his friends and Ray stepped in when they panicked at the prospect of directing. Ray’s mastery turned a starkly conventional plot into a subtly nuanced story which topped the Bengali box office for months.Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Seemabaddha AKA Company Limited (1971)

    Satyajit Ray1971-1980ClassicsDramaIndia


    Shyamalendu (Barun Chanda) is a successful executive at a fan company where he is expecting a promotion shortly. His life revolves around his work and socialising with colleagues along with his wife, Dolan (Paromita Chaudhuri). His sister-in-law, Tutul (Sharmila Tagore) comes to stay with them for a few days. She is given a tour of the life they lead – in restaurants, beauty parlours, clubs and race courses.Read More »

  • Satyajit Ray – Teen Kanya AKA Three Daughters (1961)

    1961-1970ArthouseClassicsIndiaSatyajit Ray

    Satyajit Ray was not only one of the biggest admirers of Tagore but he was also one of the few who understood and interpreted Tagore’s works with his own unique vision. Ray with his neorealistic style of filmmaking found a perfect ally in Tagore’s stories of ordinary folks. “Teen Kanya”, based on three stories by Tagore –The Postmaster, Monihara and Samapti– was meant to be a tribute to the poet laureate by Ray, made as it was in the author’s birth centenary in 1961. The film however becomes a perfect symbiosis of a master writer and filmmaker.Read More »

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