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Irfan Tözüm – Mum kokulu kadinlar AKA Scented Candles Women (1996)

The movie is about the troubles of a group of people living in the same neighborhood. Ihsan has turned in upon himself by the death of his lover and he is waiting for the day when he will die in the mansion where he lives. Fatma sometimes goes to help Ihsan, and she can’t stand against her husband who abuses her daughter. Gulizar lives in the same neighborhood, and she has also become obsessed with her virginity. Gül is also accidentally pregnant and cheated on by her husband. She is also preoccupied with her own problems. The story of these five people struggling with their own problems will intersect around a murder case. Read More »

Duygu Sagiroglu – Bitmeyen Yol AKA The Never Ending Road (1965)

In Turkey in the 1960s, six unemployed friends struggle in life, some even driven to crime…

Bitmeyen Yol which is sometimes natural and sometimes lyrical, made in 1965 is Sagiroglu’s first and most successful directing experience also reflecting the highest stage of Turkish social realist movement. Telling the stories of migrant workers in diffic Read More »