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Werner Klingler – Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse AKA The Terror of Doctor Mabuse (1962)

Evil genius Dr. Mabuse hypnotizes the director of an insane asylum in this remake of Fritz Lang’s 1933 cinematic landmark. Read More »

Julien Duvivier – Diaboliquement vôtre AKA Diabolically Yours [+commentary] (1967)

A provocative French thriller places a wealthy man (Delon) at the center of an extraordinary plot after a car crash leaves him unable to remember who he is. With his wife (Senta Berger) convinced he is faking amnesia, he sets out to discover who and why someone wants him to believe he is going crazy and should end his life. Read More »

Michael Verhoeven – Wer im Glashaus liebt… AKA He Who Loves in a Glass House (1971)

Michael Verhoeven shot the film on 16mm in the Vienna studio of painter Hundertwasser, for the first time with his wife Senta Berger as an actress.

Due to “Indecent Exposure” Verhoeven and his main actor were imprisoned for three days. The film was temporarily confiscated for its obscenity. Read More »

Duccio Tessari – L’uomo Senza Memoria AKA Puzzle AKA Man Without a Memory (1974)

In London a tricky problem is presented to Edward [Luc Merenda], who has just recovered from a serious car accident. He can’t remember who he is. This is especially troublesome for him as people from his past start turning up and demanding that he “gives back the money” he owes them. He learns that his passport claiming he is Peter Smith is a fake and his real name is in fact Edward. The trail leads him to Italy where his wife Sara [Senta Berger] still unaware that he’s still alive has started putting together the shatters of her life since he went missing in London some years ago. Read More »

Richard Irving – Istanbul Express (1968)

Art expert Gene Barry finds himself involved in international intrigue aboard the Istanbul Express as several agencies vie for a scientist’s papers. Who can he trust? Read More »