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Aleksandar Petrovic – Bice skoro propast sveta AKA It Rains in My Village (1968)

Bice skoro propast sveta (1968)
A bizarre and tragic love story involving swineherd, village fool, teacher and an agricultural pilot. The story unfolds in a remote village in the communist ruled Yugoslavia at the down of Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Read More »

Nikola Tanhofer – Osma vrata AKA The Eighth Door (1959)

The film takes place in Belgrade during the German occupation in World War II. The main character is Predrag Simonović, played by Milivoje Živanović, a professor who is not concerned with politics and war, but who accidentally comes into possession of a list of resistance movement members and becomes involved. Read More »

Zivko Nikolic – Smrt gospodina Goluze AKA Death of Mr Goluza (1982)

Traveling salesman in a small town before WW2 makes a solemn promise to kill himself.
Later he finds that the local people took him very seriously. Read More »

Zivko Nikolic – Cudo nevidjeno AKA Unseen Wonder (1984)

The peace of a small fishing village is shattered by the coming of a young, and stunningly beautiful, wife of a local guest-worker. She intends to live in her father’s house, which in the mean-time became a pub. From that moment her revenge begins, toying with to people, their passions and interests. This comic-erotic dimension a lyric element is added, her relation to a local musician. That relation, and the life of the whole village, ends in tragedy. Read More »

Dragovan Jovanovic – Devojka sa Kosmaja AKA Girl from the Mountains (1972)

The relationship between a man and a girl shortly after the start of the war and the arrival of the Germans. He goes to Chetniks, and there he disappears without a trace, and she,after much torture and solitude, begins to search for him not thinking in those moments of what horrors war can bring. Read More »

Krsto Skanata – Prvi padez – Covek AKA First Case – Man (1964)

“The film has three plans: on the one hand, scenes of children who write a school task on the subject of the size and ugliness of a human being, on the other hand, the cadres of miners who protest against inhuman maltreatment of a colleague who lost his hand and on the third side, a shot of a disabled person with a prosthesis Under the arm passes through a rocky street.” Read More »

Zoran Amar – Smeker AKA Hotshot (1986)

The story of a young man from the suburb, who gets his experience on the street and in bars. His girlfriend belongs to the same environment. When he goes to army, she tries to get away, giving the only thing she has – her good looks. She poses nude for some magazine. Seeing that photo, the young man escapes from the army, demanding an explanation. His return to a place where he once belonged, causes questioning of himself, discussions with so-called friends, and finally with the girl… Read More »