Shaike Ophir

  • Uri Zohar – Ha-Shehuna Shelanu AKA Fish, Football and Girls (1968)

    1961-1970ComedyDramaIsraelUri Zohar

    The story of a soccer team, respectable families, a corrupt night club owner, and a young lad to guide all to a happy ending.Read More »

  • Moshé Mizrahi – Abu el Banat AKA Daughters, Daughters (1973)

    Moshé Mizrahi1971-1980ComedyDramaIsrael

    A man with eight daughters, and no hope of an heir, takes a mistress to console himself. He finally consults a magician who gives him a list of instructions on how to make a son. Soon his wife is pregnant again.Read More »

  • Uri Zohar – Hor B’Levana AKA Hole in the Moon (1964)

    1961-1970CampExperimentalIsraelUri Zohar


    I can’t stress enough how wonderful, anarchic and unique is this early Israeli film. It blends lots of genres and pokes
    fun at many sacred cows while dealing with connections between cinema, reality and its ideological representations.
    There simply isn’t any other film like that, and it’s the first time it’s on the net, with subs.
    Not much information in English, so I edited an article I’ve found, but it dosen’t do the movie justice:
    A comic and episodic satire, the film uses improvization to ilustrate the clash between fantasy and reality in real life. Although conceived in the style of Mekas’ “Hallelujah the hills” (1962), it’s an authentically Israeli satire, an openly rebellious and individualistic expression that poked fun at the sacred myths of earlier zionist films. The technique of film within the film is used to portray film as reflection of the imagination, a miracle based on dreams and fantasies that take on concrete characteristics- parallel to the miracle of Israel, the dream that has become reality (?). Although not a commercial success, there’s no equal to it in all of the Israeli films made since then.Read More »

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