Shannen Doherty

  • Ruben Preuss – Almost Dead (1994)

    A psychology professor (Shannen Doherty) believes that she is being haunted by her dead mother in this film that plays like a low-budget made-for-tv flick.Read More »

  • Bill Norton – Gone in the Night (1996)

    When Cyndi and David Dowaliby’s daughter Jaclyn is abducted, they find themselves blamed by the story-hungry media. Only a commited journalist, a university professor, a lawyer and a seasoned detective see through the hysteria and attempt to help the parents get to the bottom of this terrible crime.Read More »

  • Jonathan Sanger – Obsessed (1992)

    A young woman (Doherty) who grew feeling neglected by her father, has a fascination for older men. When she meets a man (Devane) that her company is doing business with, she is taken with. And before you know they are having an affair. But when he tries to break it, she doesn’t take it very well.Read More »

  • William A. Graham – Sleeping with the Devil (1997)

    A woman recovering from a domestic-violence relationship finds out that her former partner still wants her–even if it means killing her.Read More »

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