Shaohong Li

  • Shaohong Li – Hong xi fu AKA The Red Suit (2000)

    Shaohong Li1991-2000ChinaDrama
    Hong xi fu (1997)
    Hong xi fu (1997)

    Modern-day urban problems like unemployment and teenage depression come under the microscope. Husband and wife lose their jobs, and their daughter is under considerable stress studying for her college exams. Meanwhile, grandmother is having an unexpected romantic liaison. Will the family be able to pull together to solve their problems?Read More »

  • Shaohong Li – Xuese Qingchen AKA Bloody Morning (1992)

    1991-2000ChinaCrimeDramaFifth Generation Chinese CinemaShaohong Li

    Plot: The young teacher Li Mingguang is to be murdered in the north of China because of having taken the virginity from the young girl Li Pingwa. The whole family wants to take revenge on him for that, even the whole village.Read More »

  • Shaohong Li – Sishi puhuo AKA Family Portrait (1992)

    Shaohong Li1991-2000ChinaDrama

    After laying bare backward village mentalities in Bloody Morning, Li Shaohong turns her attention to China’s urban middle class. Cao is a photographer, married to an opera singer and with an infant son, caught in the usual professional morass of political compromise. His life starts to fall apart when he learns that his ex-wife also bore him a son some months after their divorce – and when the boy turns up looking for his father. Nothing wildly dramatic, just believable people in believable situations. If the ending seems a touch forced, this is nevertheless a sign that ‘Fifth Generation’ cinema is changing and coming to terms with up-to-date realities.Read More »

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