Shigeru Amachi

  • Nobuo Nakagawa – Jigoku AKA Hell (1960)

    A group of sinners involved in interconnected tales of murder, revenge, deceit and adultery all meet at the Gates of Hell.Read More »

  • Nobuo Nakagawa – Kenpei to yûrei AKA M.P. and the Ghost AKA Ghost In the Regiment (1958)

    Desiring another officer’s new wife, a military police lieutenant fabricates evidence of treason that consigns the innocent man to torture and a firing squad. The lieutenant rapes the wife, but is haunted by bad dreams which after he is assigned to a battalion with the victim’s brotherRead More »

  • Tomu Uchida – Tasogare sakaba AKA Twilight Saloon (1955)

    In Twilight Saloon a cast of diverse characters spend an eventful evening in a cheap beer hall filled with music, dance, drunkenness, and self-reflection. Witty and lively, it also has a confessional quality: Uchida cast his regular prewar star Isamu Kosugi as an artist lamenting his art’s use for propagandistic purposes during the war….Read More »

  • Tokuzô Tanaka – Zatoichi no uta ga Kikoeru AKA Zatoichi’s Vengeance (1966)

    Zatoichi comes upon a dying man who asks him to give a bag of money to “Taichi”. Zatoichi has no idea who this is but when he comes upon a small town harassed by gangsters, he finds that “Taichi” was the man’s young son. Along his travels he also met a blind monk who makes Zatoichi question his murderous lifestyle. In trying to help the town, Zatoichi kills some gangsters and becomes a hero to the boy. He must make a choice of whether to use non-violence and set a good example, or violence and set the boy on the wrong path in life.Read More »

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