Shinji Takeda

  • Ryuhei Kitamura – LoveDeath (2006)

    One night in a bar, Sai, a yakuza apprentice falls in love with Sheela, the girlfirend of clan Kurogane’s boss. But the beautiful Sheela disappears 3 days to only seen back 342 days later admitting their destiny are linked together. Under her charm, the young man decides to follow her despite all risks ahead of them…Read More »

  • Nagisa Ôshima – Gohatto AKA Taboo (1999)

    Gohatto stars Beat Takeshi, Asano Tadanobu and a fifteen-year-old Matsuda Ryuhei as the beautiful son of a well-to-do merchant who joins the Shinsen Gumi militia in Kyoto for the “right to kill,” and ends up doing so both by his sword and his good looks. Gohatto explores themes of jealousy, madness and destruction within the context of bushido homoeroticism; not only does this violent love story play out within the bounds of same-sex relationships, but within a single militia.Read More »

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