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Ryuichi Hiroki – Vibrator (2003)

The film’s main character Rei (Terashima Shinobu)is a freelance writer bombarded by the voices in her own head – her mother’s scolding, the gossip of friends at school, and the voice of her own unrequired desires. Losing sleep and developing eating disorders, and dependent on alcohol, Rei is on the brink of losing her mind.
Then one night, when she stops by a convenience store to purchase alcohol, she meets a long distance trucker (Omori Nao), and everything changes. Mysteriously attracted to this stranger, and prodded by the voices in her head, she joins him in a journey she hopes will eventually be the key to her salvation. Read More »

Ryuichi Hiroki – Yawarakai seikatsu aka It’s Only Talk (2005)

Yuko is 35 years old, single, out of work, and on medication from her psychiatrist to combat her manic depression. Living in Kamata Town, Yuko divides her time between a variety of men friends, each with his own peculiarities. Her university classmate, Homma, suffers from impotence. “K”, whom she meets on the net, is a self-confessed pervert. Then, there is a young gangster, Yasuda, who is a fellow manic depressive. Her cousin, Shoichi, is also on the scene, having left his family to pursue his mistress, only to be given the cold shoulder by her, too. Yuko seems to create a different persona depending on whom she is talking to at the time. Human contact is just as important for her as for anyone else, but sometimes her condition makes it difficult for others to relate to her for as long as she would like.” Read More »

Yimou Zhang – Qian li zou dan qi AKA Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles (2005)


A young Japanese film maker is in hospital in Tokyo. His estranged father tries to visit, but the son refuses to see him. So, as a gesture of reconciliation, the father decides to go to China to complete the filming of a Chinese opera, called “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles,” which the son was working on but unable to finish. Read More »