• Eloy de la Iglesia – Navajeros AKA Switchblade boys (1980)

    Jose Manuel Gomez Perales, “El Jaro”, lives alone in Madrid, with no other company than his band and his “girlfriends.” One day he meets Mercedes, a prostitute of Mexican origin. Mercedes falls for him and offers him her home to take him apart from his life of crime.Read More »

  • Adrian Garcia Bogliano – Juega Conmigo (2021)

    Sofía, an insecure young nanny who starts her new job taking care of two problematic kids. When their parents leave her alone with the children, they become victims of a demonic entity obsessed with playing children’s games.Read More »

  • Lex Ortega – Animales Humanos (2020)

    A married couple and their young daughter are terrified of the neighbors’ dog, which ends up biting the girl. The dog is sacrificed to the desolation of its owners who saw it as their son. They enter the couple’s house at night to take revenge. What they want is justice: sacrifice the girl.Read More »

  • Carlos Reygadas – Post Tenebras Lux (2012)

    Juan and his urban family live in the Mexican countryside, where they enjoy and suffer a world apart. And nobody knows if these two worlds are complementary or if they strive to eliminate one another.Read More »

  • Pedro Almodóvar – Todo sobre mi madre AKA All About My Mother (1999)

    Pedro Almodovar’s films are a struggle between real and fake heartbreak–between tragedy and soap opera. They’re usually funny, too, which increases the tension. You don’t know where to position yourself while you’re watching a film like “All About My Mother,” and that’s part of the appeal: Do you take it seriously, like the characters do, or do you notice the bright colors and flashy art decoration, the cheerful homages to Tennessee Williams and “All About Eve” (1950) and see it as a parody? Even Almodovar’s camera sometimes doesn’t know where to stand: When the heroine’s son writes in his journal, the camera looks at his pen from the point of view of the paper.Read More »

  • José Antonio Nieves Conde – Balarrasa AKA Reckless (1951)

    Reckless (Spanish: Balarrasa) is a 1951 Spanish drama film directed by José Antonio Nieves Conde. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.

    Javier Mendoza, a Spanish missionary known as Balarrasa, recalls his life while waiting for the worst after being trapped in a snowstorm in Alaska. Of disorderly life in his youth, during the Civil War he suffered a traumatic event, when playing cards with the guard that played with his companion. He loses and dies while replacing him. Followed by the sensation of guilt, he decides to straighten its life and enters the seminary.Read More »

  • Alberto Isaac – En este pueblo no hay ladrones (1965)

    When a young boy steals billiard balls from a local saloon, a stranger is charged with the crime. The local layabouts find there is no reason to hang out at the bar without being able to shoot pool, and the boy entertains thoughts of forming a gang to steal more billiard balls in hopes of making money. Watch for Luis Buñuel in the role of a local priest in this social drama that alludes to the evils of ignorance and poverty. ~ Dan Pavlides, RoviRead More »

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