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Alejandro Jodorowsky – La danza de la realidad AKA The Dance of Reality (2013)

In a Chilean little town, the son of an uprooted couple, formed by a rigorous communist father and a loving but weak mother, tries to pave his own path in a society that does not understand their Jewish-Ukrainian origins. Read More »

Iván Zulueta – Ágata (1966)

Short film in black and white directed by legendary Iván Zulueta as practice for the second year of the Official School of Cinema (Escuela Oficial de Cine). Despite not appearing in the credits, the story is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Oval Portrait”. Shot in 35mm.

This is Zulueta’s first professional film job (previously, with just 20 years old, he had filmed La fortuna de los Irureta in super 8 as an amateur). Read More »

Rosario Garcia-Montero – Las malas intenciones AKA Bad Intentions (2011)

Las Malas Intenciones tells the story of a period in the life of Cayetana, an eight-year-old girl growing up in Peru in the early 80’s, when terrorist violence was starting to agitate the country. The story unfolds from the point of view of this intelligent child, but with a somewhat dark and distorted personality. Daughter of separated parents, Cayetana spends most of the time on her own and under the care of their employees. After returning from a long trip, the mother, Agnes, gives her some unexpected news: she is pregnant. With this news Cayetana’s fragile world collapses. She locks herself in her room and solemnly declares that the day of birth of her brother will be the day of her own death. Only her imagination and the emergence of the national heroes of their textbooks – Olaya, Grau, Bolognesi – may save her from an increasingly alienated family environment in a country about to collapse. Read More »

Luis Ospina – Un tigre de papel AKA A Paper Tiger (2008)

The life of Pedro Manrique Figueroa, a pioneer of collage in Colombia, is like an adventure novel that is both incomplete and contradictory. Taking his life and work as a pretext, this mockumentary takes the viewer on a journey through history from the year 1934 up until 1981, when the artist mysteriously disappeared from view. Un tigre de papel is itself a collage, where art and politics rub shoulders, and where truth and lies are placed side by side. Read More »

Pilar Palomero – Las niñas AKA Schoolgirls (2020)

Celia, an 11-year-old girl, studies at a convent school and lives her mum, a 30-year-old widow. The arrival of a new classmate hurls Claudia into adolescence.

11 wins & 40 nominations.
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2020 Winner – Dunia Ayaso Award Read More »

Francisco Márquez – Un crimen común (2020)

Cecilia is an academic teacher who lives alone with her son Juan, somewhere in Buenos Aires. One stormy night she wakes up scared by the knocks she hears at the door. She sees that it is Kevin, son of Nebe, the woman who helps her around the house. Cecilia, terrified, does not open, and hides in the dark, while she listens outside to the sirens of patrol vehicles. The next day, she learns from the news that the neighborhood where Nebe and Kevin live has mobilized to search for the young man. Neighbors accuse the Gendarmerie of being responsible for his disappearance, until he finally appears drowned in a river. The guilt that Cecilia feels and her inability to confess that the young man was knocking on the door of her house that night becomes too much for her. Kevin’s “ghost” starts haunting her and following her all around. Read More »

José Rodriguez-Soltero – Dialogue with Che (1968)

After Che Guevara’s execution, Experimental filmmaker José Rodríguez Soltero, parodies Hollywood portrayals of the revolutionary hero.

In 1967, José Rodriguez Soltero made “Dialogue with Che” (1968), starring Venezuelan artist, actor, producer and dancer Rolando Peña as Che. Warhol superstar Taylor Mead is also featured, in the role of a CIA agent. “The film was partly underwritten by Andy Warhol, who gave a check to cover lab fees. “Dialogue…” was seldom shown in the States – it is entirely in Spanish – but had some life in the European screens. Read More »