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Demofilo Fidani – Sedia elettrica AKA The Electric Chair (1969)

Synopsis (possible spoilers):
At Santa Monica, during 30s, two contending gangster bands claim for dominance on the city. Willing to solve permanently this situation, Johnny Bello sets an ambush for Jack Lo Dolce’s gang, killing them brutally.
The only survivor is Fred “il Solitario”, Jack Lo Dolce’s brother. Expecting Fred’s revenge, Johnny Bello charges one of his killers with finding and eliminating him. Fred, after avoiding successfully the killer’s search, becomes a friend of Fanny, Johnny’s girlfriend, from whom he hears details about a next coming robbery to a bank van. Lurking at the place designed to attack the van, Fred exterminates the whole Johnny’s gang, but during the shootout also Fanny dies. Captured and sentenced to die by the electric chair, Fred, while waiting for death, thinks back to his life, till that remote day when he, as a child, was forced to stand and watch his own parents’ murder: a trauma which had to lead him, along with his brother Jack, into the world of crime Read More »

Jovan Zivanovic – Cudna devojka AKA Strange Girl (1962)

An interesting drama by Yugoslav director Jovan Zivanovic about a young woman with internal conflicts, Minja (Spela Rozin) leaves her provincial town suffering from some sort of trauma caused by an older man, her drawing class teacher. As she is on her way to studying in at the big university she runs into a journalist and though she is angry, embittered, and temporarily without grounding, she has a one-night-stand. Her morals take a downward turn after arriving in the city and for awhile, it looks as though there is little hope of her recovering from her past wounds. Read More »