Stanko Molnar

  • Danièle Dubroux & Stavros Kaplanidis – Les amants terribles AKA The Terrible Lovers (1985)

    1981-1990DramaFranceNina CompanéezStavros Kaplanidis

    A la fin de l’été 84, Adrien, Alice, Hans et Laure vivent à Rome des histoires d’amour qui les poussent hors d’eux mèmes. Chacun va suivre obstinément son rève, sa quète, sa passion. Alice se perd dans l’alcool, Adrien dénonce sa maitresse à la police. Laure et Hans vont aller jusqu’aux limites d’une passion destructrice dans le huis-clos de leur chambre d’hôtel.Read More »

  • Lamberto Bava – Macabro aka Macabre (1980)

    1971-1980CultItalyLamberto BavaThriller

    A New Orleans housewife leaves her daughter and son home alone to meet her lover. While with him, she receives a call that her son has died. Wreckless driving rushing to her house results in a horrible accident. The lover dies and she is sent to a mental institution to recover from the psychological trauma. Upon her release a year later she moves into the boarding house where they would rendezvous. The landlord has passed away and her blind son is left to maintain the house. With every day that passes, his lust for her grows while she remains true to her lover. The situation comes to a “head” on a weekend visit with her daughter. All secrets will be revealed and no one will be the same. Inspired by actual events.Read More »

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