Sterling Hayden

  • Ruy Guerra – Ternos Caçadores AKA Sweet Hunters (1970)

    1961-1970ArthouseCultFranceRuy Guerra
    Ternos Caçadores (1970)
    Ternos Caçadores (1970)

    A family living on a remote island learns an escaped prisoner may be in the area. Allan (Sterling Hayden) is the professor who studies the migratory habits of birds. His wife Clea (Maureen McNalley) has a fascination for all things dead. Her sister Lis (Susan Strasberg) is visiting to break the news of her impending marriage to an older man. Clea leaves tobacco and food out for the unseen escapee. Lis meets the prisoner (Stuart Whitman) on the beach and the two make love. The quiet paradise is interrupted by the escaped prisoner who later suffers a potentially fatal wound while killing another man.Read More »

  • Lewis Allen – Suddenly (1954)

    1951-1960250 Quintessential Film NoirsFilm NoirLewis AllenUSA
    Suddenly (1954)
    Suddenly (1954)

    For a small film, Suddenly has a lot of baggage. Even after many years, it remains tainted by its eerie foreshadowing of President Kennedy’s assassination nine years following the film’s release—an association made all the more sinister by the oft-repeated (and now disputed) assertion that Lee Harvey Oswald watched the film shortly before the President was gunned down in Dallas. Then there’s the claim that star Frank Sinatra ordered the film withdrawn from circulation after Kennedy was killed, an order Sinatra had no power to give, although he did protest when a TV station aired the film shortly after the 35th President’s death. In the Nineties, the film was the victim of a botched colorization effort that turned Sinatra into Old Brown Eyes, and the failure to renew the film’s copyright caused it to become available through multiple public domain distributors in inferior versions that were painful to watch.Read More »

  • Manfred Blank & Wolf-Eckart Bühler – Leuchtturm des Chaos AKA Pharos of Chaos (1983) (HD)

    Manfred Blank1981-1990DocumentaryGermanyWolf-Eckart Bühler

    Sterling Hayden, the semi-retired actor, war hero, and writer passes his days living on a barge in France. He enjoys telling anecdotes, until finally opening up about his alcoholism, loneliness, “creative impotency,” and deepest shame: publicly naming names in Hollywood during the Red Scare.Read More »

  • Robert Altman – The Long Goodbye [4K Restoration] (1973)

    1971-1980CrimeDramaRobert AltmanUSA

    Private investigator Philip Marlowe helps a friend out of a jam, but in doing so gets implicated in his wife’s murder.Read More »

  • Herbert L. Strock – Battle Taxi (1955)

    1951-1960DramaHerbert L. StrockUSAWar

    In the Korean war, the commander of an Air Rescue helicopter team must show a hot-shot former jet pilot how important helicopter rescue work is and turn him into a team player.Read More »

  • Sidney Hayers – Deadly Strangers (1974)

    Sidney Hayers1971-1980MysteryThrillerUnited Kingdom

    Hayley Mills and Simon Ward star in this 1974 thriller about a two strangers who meet on the road and travel across country. Meanwhile the police are scouring the country for an escaped psychopath, could the escapee possibly be one of the couple? Also features an appearance by Sterling Hayden.Read More »

  • Robert Fuest – The Final Programme AKA The Last Days of Man on Earth (1973)

    Robert Fuest1971-1980CultSci-FiUnited Kingdom
    The future is cancelled!

    A trio of scientists plan to create a self-replicating, immortal, hermaphrodite using the Final Programme developed by a dead, Nobel Prize-winning scientist.Read More »

  • Frank Lloyd – The Last Command (1955)

    1951-1960Frank LloydUSAWestern

    It’s 1834. Texas is being strangled by the tyrannical military rule of General Santa Anna (J. Carrol Naish, Canadian Pacific), Mexico’s power-mad president. When frontier hero Jim Bowie (Sterling Hayden, Naked Alibi) returns to his besieged homeland, he finds the embittered Texans plotting rebellion against his old friend Santa Anna. When Santa Anna’s cruel grip tightens around his fellow Texans, Bowie soon realizes he must side against the Mexican despot. Commanding a ragtag regiment of frontier fighters, Bowie prepares to make a final stand at the famed Fort Alamo against superior forces. Though they are all doomed to die, the outnumbered Texan defenders fight heroically for freedom in one of the fiercest and bloodiest battles in American history.Read More »

  • Jerry Hopper – Naked Alibi (1954)

    1951-1960CrimeFilm NoirJerry HopperUSA

    Questioned as a murder suspect, solid (but drunk) citizen Al Willis attacks his police questioners, is beaten, and swears vengeance against them. Next night, Lieut. Parks is murdered; Willis is the only suspect in the eyes of tough Chief Conroy, who pursues him doggedly despite lack of evidence. The obsessed Conroy is dismissed from the force, but continues to harass Willis, who flees to a sleazy town on the Mexican border. Of course, Conroy follows. But which is crazy, Conroy or Willis? Written by Rod CrawfordRead More »

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