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Carl Olsson – Samtidigt på Jorden AKA Meanwhile on Earth (2020)

When we die, there are a lot of practicalities that need to be taken care of before our time among the living is finally over. This documentary offers a factual overview of the typical steps in Sweden’s contemporary funerary industry, in which every ritual conceals a set of routine procedures.
A highlight from 2020’s Rotterdam film festival was this wry and elegiac look at Sweden’s funeral industry, which recalls the unexpected humor of Roy Andersson. Using static camera positions and moments of dazzling visual symmetry, director Carl Olsson looks at the odd rituals of death. Read More »

Jan Troell – Bang! (1977)

Magnus is divorced and has an affair with an art teacher at the school where he works. When he thinks she’s pregnant, he is worried because he is in love with another woman. Read More »

Per Åhlin – Resan till Melonia AKA The Journey to Melonia: Fantasies of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ (1989)

When a ship sinks during a storm, a slave from the industrial island of Plutonia is washed up on the beaches of paradise island Melonia, where the “all-powerful” wizard Prospero and his strange friends reside. Read More »

Arne Mattsson – Vita frun AKA The Lady in White (1962)

A ghost called Vita Frun (the white lady) is blamed for several strange deaths that occur at a country manor. Detective Hillman is contacted to resolve the case. Read More »

Gunnel Lindblom – Sally och friheten AKA Sally and Freedom (1981)

Sally, a 28-year-old social worker who has just broken up from a ten-year marriage. She seeks freedom, but has trouble living alone. She soon finds a new man, lawyer Jonas, but Sally knows that the past is chasing her and do things more difficult for her freedom quest. Read More »

Alf Sjöberg – Fröken Julie AKA Miss Julie (1951)

Swedish filmmaker Alf Sjöberg’s visually innovative, Cannes Grand Prix-winning adaptation of August Strindberg’s renowned 1888 play brings to scalding life the excoriating words of the stage’s preeminent surveyor of all things rotten in the state of male-female relations. Miss Julie vividly depicts the battle of the sexes and classes that ensues when a wealthy businessman’s daughter (Anita Björk, in a fiercely emotional performance) falls for her father’s bitter servant. Celebrated for its unique cinematic style (and censored upon its first release in the United States for its adult content), Sjöberg’s film was an important turning point in Scandinavian cinema. Read More »

Henrik Ruben Genz – Gud taler ud AKA Word of God (2017)

It is the 1980s – Jens and his brothers live in a single-family house in Risskov, a suburb of Aarhus, Denmark. Here, the family’s patriarch psychologist and self-appointed God – Uffe – rules the roost in his dressing gown and underwear. Changes threaten the peace when Uffe decides to write his memoirs. The family home is suddenly filled to the rafters with Uffe’s loyal patients, who both provide Uffe with moral support – and drunken companionship. As insurrection smoulders on the part of his three sons, maternal Gerd Lillian does all she can to keep the family together. But for Jens, Thomas and Mikkel to break free of their father’s tyrannical rule and grow up will require a final, inevitable showdown with ‘God’. Read More »