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Woody Allen – Husbands and Wives (1992)



The film is about two couples: Jack (Pollack) and Sally (Davis), and Gabe (Allen) and Judy (Farrow). Gabe is an English professor at a college, Judy works at a magazine, Jack is a businessman, and Sally is a co-worker. The film starts when Jack and Sally arrive at Gabe and Judy’s apartment and announce their separation. Gabe is shocked, but Judy takes the news personally and is very hurt. Still confused, they go out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Later that night, Judy asks Gabe if he ever fantasizes about other women. Gabe brushes her questions off, and they go to bed. The next day, Gabe approaches Rain, a student of his whom he admires for her brilliant writing. Rain and Gabe go out for a walk while discussing her writing. Read More »