Tadeusz Fijewski

  • Aleksander Ford – Pierwszy dzien wolnosci AKA The First Day of Freedom (1964)

    The First Day of Freedom (Polish: Pierwszy dzień wolności) is a 1964 Polish drama film directed by Aleksander Ford. It was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

    Freed Polish soldiers are trapped in a small town in Germany during the last days of World War II. After a doctor’s daughter is raped by a concentration camp worker, the Poles allow her and her father to stay in the house that is their temporary quarters. While waiting to be repatriated, the war-weary group is forced to fight some German soldiers who invade the town. The war brings out conflicting emotions of the Poles who find themselves trapped in the house and once again under fire from the enemy. by Dan Pavlides, RoviRead More »

  • Andrzej Kondratiuk – Pelnia AKA Full Moon (1979)

    Although neither his wife nor his friends can understand him, a Varsovian architect leaves the hustle bustle of Warsaw to find peace and make new friends while living in a small village.

    Andrzej Kondratiuk made “Pełnia” ten years after his famous feature debut “A hole in the ground”. This intimate tale of escape from the big city, constant rush, empty friendships, refers to Kondratiuk’s cinematic debut both in its climate and paradoxical form. The action of both films takes place in a small rural community, which is about to come into contact with the big city civilization. For the time being, the life of the village dwellers is still flowing lazy, measured by the rhythm of nature, and the newcomer from the city brings only some revival.Read More »

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