• Lav Diaz – Kapag wala nang mga alon AKA When the Waves Are Gone (2022)

    2021-2030CrimeDramaLav DiazPhilippines
    Kapag wala nang mga alon (2022)
    Kapag wala nang mga alon (2022)

    PLOT: Lieutenant Hermes Papauran, one of the best investigators of the Philippines, is at a deep moral crossroad. As a member of the police forces, he is a first-hand witness of the murderous anti-drug campaign that his institution is implementing with dedication. The atrocities are corroding Hermes physically and spiritually, causing him a severe skin disease resulting from anxiety and guilt. As he tries to heal, a dark past haunts him and has eventually come back for a reckoning.Read More »

  • Jeffrey Hidalgo – Eva (2021)

    2021-2030DramaJeffrey HidalgoPhilippinesRomance
    Eva (2021)
    Eva (2021)

    When Eva gets involved in a steamy threesome with a houseboy and her lady boss, she realizes she has to choose only one between them.

    A Housemaid’s Tale

    Eva, a house-help of a lady model, is a doll faced girl who loves her neighbour’s servant who always gets bullied by his master.

    Eva’s madam, the model, is a bi forces herself on Eva one day. This complicates things as Eva loves the man-servant & the madam likes Eva. So they all had a threesome where the servant leaves mid way as he loves Eva & does not want to share her with any other woman. Then it all bagins a long discussion about love, heart, lust etc… If u want to watch it, watch it for Angeli Khang, who plays the title role. She is a sweet doll faced lady.Read More »

  • Arden Rod Condez – John Denver Trending (2019)

    2011-2020Arden Rod CondezDramaPhilippines
    John Denver Trending (2019)
    John Denver Trending (2019)

    A 14-year-old farm boy’s life is suddenly upended when a video of him brutally attacking a classmate goes viral.Read More »

  • Roman Perez Jr. – Putahe (2022)

    2021-2030DramaEroticaPhilippinesQueer Cinema(s)Roman Perez Jr.
    Putahe (2022)
    Putahe (2022)

    When Euka arrives on the island, Jenny, a young barrio lass aspires to be like her. When Euka teaches her everything, Jenny realizes she has taken a dose of her own medicine.Read More »

  • Lav Diaz – Lahi, hayop AKA Genus Pan (2020) (HD)

    2011-2020ArthouseLav DiazPhilippines

    Taking leave from their jobs at a gold mine, three workers journey to their home village on foot through the spectacular yet unforgiving wilderness of the mythical island of Hugaw. As time passes and their conversations intensify, buried histories emerge and a sense of psychosis invades the scene. As ever, Lav Diaz’s exquisitely subdued black-and-white images and patient rhythm lend a Brechtian register to the drama; almost always filmed from the same fixed distance, each scene is an immaculate tableau vivant. Behind the film’s folkloric façade, Diaz once again taps into the collective memory of defiant struggles against the tyranny of both contemporary Filipino society and colonial brutality, centred on the timeless image of men walking – one of the key traits of Pan.Read More »

  • Lav Diaz – Ang alitaptap AKA The Firefly (2013)

    2011-2020ExperimentalLav DiazPhilippinesShort Film
    Ang alitaptap (2013)
    Ang alitaptap (2013)

    A short film made for “Venezia 70 – Future Reloaded.”

    The day will come

    We shall set sail from the mysteries of mythologies
    And i shall be singing hymns to set you free
    All of the effort I put into 70 Hours Of Diaz and I somehow forgot that he had a short in Venice 70: Future Reloaded…

    Outside of experimental affair like Let Your Light Shine or Brakhage’s hand painted affair where the film is 100% dedicated to an aesthetic and that’s what the film must be judged on alone it’s hard to muster the same enthusiasm on a narrative level you would for a 77 second short that you would for say, a 9 hour film for example.
    GrimsChild (letterboxd)Read More »

  • Topel Lee – Tayuan (2023)

    2021-2030DramaPhilippinesTopel Lee
    Tayuan (2023)
    Tayuan (2023)

    Ella meets Rico, a bus conductor, on her way to work. Even after finding out that Rico is married, she still pursues him. As their affair turns to adoration, it becomes harder for them to let go.Read More »

  • Brillante Mendoza – Thy Womb (2012)

    2011-2020Brillante MendozaDramaPhilippines
    Thy Womb (2012)
    Thy Womb (2012)

    A Bajau midwife copes with the irony of her own infertility amid the deprivations of her gypsy community in Tawi-Tawi. A saga of island life stuck between the devil of passion and the deep blue sea of tradition.Read More »

  • Lino Brocka – Miguelito: Batang rebelde (1985)

    Lino Brocka1981-1990DramaPhilippines
    Miguelito Batang rebelde (1985)
    Miguelito Batang rebelde (1985)

    This is the story of Miguelito, his estranged mother Auring and the quest for justice against a powerful politician. After ten years of suffering in jail for a crime she did not commit, Auring cries out for two things – justice and her son back in her arms. Bravely she faces her powerful oppressors led by the formidable town mayor who also happens to be the father of her son. Being the first film Brocka directed since his highly publicized arrest and detention, Miguelito is one’s typical soap opera set in a political backdrop that portrays the social condition of the time (Letterboxd)Read More »

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