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Vichit Kounavudhi – Khon phuu kaow AKA The Mountain People (1979)

Customs of the mountain people has always been strict and respectful to themselves. Doing something wrong will be considered as being disrespect to the spirits. Marrying someone from a different tribe is also wrong. Giving birth to twins, she and her husband together with the kids will have to leave the tribe.

“We are all human being, not animal” but the mountain people are treated like animals. But no one could take it for long… Read More »

Chatrichalerm Yukol – Grounded God AKA Earth Angel (1975)

Toi, a drug trafficker, is being chased by the police, as he meets on the run Phol and Nong. The three become a team of robbers, who robs and kills whenever and wherever they wish. Someone names them “The Earth Angels” team. They go down south, recruit a couple more guys and rob a bank. One night while the team happily celebrates their band’s job, the police force raids their place and kills them all one by one. They are not really “Angel” after all. Read More »

Vichit Kounavudhi – Luk e-san AKA A Son of the Northeast (1983)

This restored Thai classic is filmed in a documentary style, following a tight-knit group of farmers as they struggle against drought and other depredations. Read More »

Euthana Mukdasanit – Nam Pu AKA The Story of Nampoo AKA The Story of Nampu (1984)

It deals about a young man called Nam Pu who is entering the drug realm and his lapse until death. It is a real-life story of a teenage heroin addict, who is neglected by his middle-class parents. The former rocker turned screen star Ampol Lumpoon received Best Actor Awards for this movie. In 1984, Ampol Lumpoon snatched Best Actor award at The First Southeast Asian Film Festival for his role as a drug- addicted teenager. He eventually made his name known in 1984 with Nampoo, which broke the blockbuster record held by the classic Phlae Kao and made Bt17 million at the box office. It was to be his most successful movie. This movie was praised by critics, academics and intellectuals. Read More »

Oxide Chun Pang – Ta fa likit AKA Who Is Running? (1998)

Everything seems to be going well for Jiab and Wan, a young couple looking forward to their impending marriage. All that changes, however, when Wan is struck by a car and is brought to the hospital near death. When Jiab goes to a temple to pray, a mysterious monk tells him that in her past life, Wan murdered five people, and now is fated to die early in this life. To undo her bad karma and save her life, Jiab must even the balance by preventing five other people from being killed. The clock is now ticking, and Wan’s life is slipping away… Read More »

Taiki Sakpisit – The Edge of Daybreak (2021)

Plot: A dysfunctional family falls from grace in the shadow of war. Read More »

Phuttiphong Aroonpheng – Kraben rahu AKA Manta Ray (2018) (HD)

Phuttiphong Aroonpheng’s beautiful debut feature, about a Rohingya refugee and the Thai fisherman who rescues him, tells a complex story of friendship with minimalistic ease.
Dedicated to the Rohingya refugees who have perished at sea or were found dead in mass graves, Manta Ray ponders the concepts of identity and foreignness, and the reluctance to welcome “strangers” into our lives. Read More »