Thomas Heise

  • Thomas Heise – Das Haus 1984 (1984)

    Thomas Heise1981-1990DocumentaryGermany
    Das Haus 1984 (1984)
    Das Haus 1984 (1984)

    Thomas Heise’s documentary portrays the meeting of officials and citizens in the district office of Berlin-Mitte in 1984.The movie uniquely displays how socialist officals and citizens interact.
    Since finishing the film in GDR times was impossible for political reasons (it was in fact illegaly shot) it was first performed in 2001.Read More »

  • Thomas Heise – Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit AKA Heimat is a Space in Time (2019) (HD)

    2011-2020ArthouseDocumentaryGermanyThomas Heise

    In this monumental work, Thomas Heise draws on letters and other documents to trace the story of his family over four generations. Word and image merge into a piercing, deeply moving portrait of a family, a country and a century.Read More »

  • Thomas Heise – Vaterland AKA Fatherland (2002)

    2001-2010DocumentaryGermanyThomas Heise


    “Vaterland” is a key work in Thomas Heise’s filmography. In the beginning a voice over reads the letters his father Wolfgang and his brother sent their family from a labour camp. When they were 19 they had been sentenced to a labour camp for so-called «jüdische Mischlinge», Jewish half-breed. The camp was located in Straguth, in the surroundings of Zerbst, State of Saxony-Anhalt. At the time of the shooting the village counted about 290 inhabitants. Maybe the most «Fordian» movie by Thomas Heise. Read More »

  • Thomas Heise – Eisenzeit (1992)

    1991-2000DocumentaryGermanyThomas Heise


    Documentary film on the memories of four children from Eisenhüttenstadt who were all born at the same time the Berlin wall was built.

    1991 stellte der DEFA-Autor Thomas Heise seinen Dokumentarfilm ‘Eisenzeit’ vor, der vier Jugendliche aus Eisenhüttenstadt porträtiert. Der Film zeigt quälend und schmerzlich, wie sie an den Schwierigkeiten mit Staat, Gesellschaft und Familie zerbrachen. Schon 1981 wurde die Idee zum Film geboren, konnte aber aus politischen Gründen nicht umgesetzt werden. Erst zehn Jahre später zeigte der Film die selbstzerstörerische Flucht dieser selbstdenkenden Jugendlichen in Drogen und Selbstmord.Read More »

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