Tony Gatlif

  • Tony Gatlif – Gadjo dilo AKA The Crazy Stranger (1997)

    Tony Gatlif1991-2000ComedyDramaFrance

    Stéphane, a young French man from Paris, travels to Romania. He is looking for the singer Nora Luca, whom his father had heard all the time before his death. Wandering along a frozen road, he meets old Izidor, a member of the Roma (Gypsy) and tells him of Nora Luca. Izidor seems to understand and takes him to his village. Stéphane believes that Izidor will take him to Nora Luca when the time has come. So, he lives in the Roma(Gypsy) village for several months. The other inhabitants dislike him at first (as he comes from those who call them thieves and attack their folks) but when they as they get to know him better, they grow to like him. In summer, the ice between him and beautiful Sabina finally cracks, and a secret is revealed. – Written by Julian ReischlRead More »

  • Tony Gatlif – Vengo (2000)

    Drama1991-2000FranceMusicalTony Gatlif

    The vibrancy of gypsy life has been brought to the fore on film by Tony Gatlif, himself of gypsy heritage. Galtif has covered much European territory with films such as his much-loved Gadjo Dilo (1997). Vengo tells a romantically tragic tale of vendetta and sacrifice for family, which is the closest to home of all; it tells of the Andalusian gypsies of southern Spain – Gatlif’s own background.Read More »

  • Tony Gatlif – Transylvania (2006)

    2001-2010DramaFranceTony Gatlif

    Zingarina arrives in Transylavania, accompanied by her close friend Marie and her guide and interpreter Luminitsa. She is not there only to visit this region of Romania but to trace her lover Milan, a musician who has made her pregnant and who left her without a word of explanation. When she finds him back, he brutally rejects her and Zingarina is terribly upset. She leaves her two companions and having become a wreck she hardly survives by following a wandering little girl. Her destiny changes for the best when she meets Tchangalo, a traveling trader…Read More »

  • Tony Gatlif – Canta, gitano (1982)

    1981-1990MusicalShort FilmSpainTony Gatlif


    One of the unknown Gatlif movies, a short one.
    Best Short Film – Fiction (Meilleur court métrage de fiction)- Cesar 1983

    Gatlif plays himself in this one…pretty nice to see the guy that made Vengo (another great one!) dancing in a red shirt…
    Read More »

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