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Tôru Murakawa – Yajutoshi: tenshi no sasayaki AKA Savage City: Angel Whisper (1991)

A corrupt cop teams up with an unlikely partner to protect the city from a gang of ruthless drug addicts. Read More »

Tôru Murakawa – Mottomo kiken na yuugi AKA The Most Dangerous Game (1978)

Hitman Narumi is asked to rescue a kidnapped businessman who is involved in an air defense project. Narumi nearly succeeds but a stray shot kills the hostage. Nevertheless the person who hired Narumi now has another mission for him. Read More »

Tôru Murakawa – Bara no hyôteki AKA Target (1980)

Two killers revenge a wirepuller of the underworld in Yokohama.

Almost no information online. Read More »