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Toshiharu Ikeda – Ningyo densetsu AKA Mermaid Legend (1984)

Based on a gekiga (adult orientated manga) penned by Kazuhiko Miyatani,this is director Ikeda’s first movie after leaving Nikkatsu over censorship disagreement. It’s a unique variation of the standard vengeance theme,sort of classy (albeit very bloody) version of I Spit On Your Grave. A fisherman,opposed to the construction of a nuclear power plant,is murdered by a gang of right-wing extremists who are puppets of the corrupt contractor.The dead man’s devoted wife concocts a plan of revenge.She slaughters the men in the goriest,the most grisly ways imaginable,thus removing any suspicion from her.In fact,the newspapers soon begin reporting stories of “a blood-fiend from the lake” and “a ghost mermaid.” Read More »

Toshiharu Ikeda – Shiryô no wana AKA Evil Dead Trap (1988)

A late night TV presenter receives a snuff tape, in which a woman is brutally killed. She decides to take a crew out to a location indicated in the tape, but only death and despair await them. Read More »