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Yôichi Sai – Kuroi doresu no onna AKA Woman In A Black Dress (1987)

ThemovieDB description:
A woman named Fujiki Asuka arrives as an acquaintance of a sister in law for a day under the bar master Tamura who had guided Yakuza’s escaping as a shoji. Tamura who lives on the second floor of the store for the time being the son who wants to work here. A few days later, Tamura finds a handgun from Yuko’s baggage and holds a suspicion …. Read More »

Toshiya Fujita – Jûhassai, umi e (1979)

I haven’t watched it yet and there seems to be very little information available, but from what I understand, it’s a bleak story of two alienated youths (Morishita Aiko and Nagashima Toshiyuki) preoccupied with entrance exams and suicide. In short, the kind of thing one might expect from Nakagami and Fujita Toshiya. Read More »

Takashi Ishii – Hito ga hito o ai suru koto no dôshiyô mo nasa AKA The Brutal Hopelessness of Love (2007)

Nami (Mai Kitajima) is a popular actress, but in her personal life, her marriage is at a crisis point as her husband, Yosuke (Toshiyuki Nagashima), a fellow actor, keeps having affairs. The new film they are working on together is about a heroine who kills her husband and his mistress. The film is drawing a lot of public attention because of its casting, where Nami is the heroine, her husband is played by Yosuke, complete with Yosuke’s mistress playing the part of the mistress. Then Katsuragi (Naoto Takenaka), an editor, asks Nami for an interview. Nami accepts it as if superseding herself on the character in the film. Nami has in fact killed her husband and his mistress, and she has been taken into a mental institution; Katsuragi, a psychiatrist, has been pretending to be a journalist to look for the truth. Read More »