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Masahiro Shinoda – Akane-gumo AKA Clouds at Sunset (1967)

A Japanese soldier Tsutomu Yamazki deserts his position and travels to a small town on the Sea of Japan to start over in this melodrama from director Shinoda Masahiro. When a young maid falls for him, he talks her into sleeping with an older man for money. The woman is told by a Geisha Mayumi Ogawa that she gave up her virginity cheaply. The resort town begins to feel the influence of the modern world as the sabre-rattling that preceded World War II begins to change their lives forever. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi Read More »

Jûzô Itami – Marusa no onna AKA A Taxing Woman (1987)

Ace tax investigator Ryoko Itakura (Nobuko Miyamoto) sets her sights on the mysterious and philandering Hideki Gondo (Tsutomu Yamazaki), a suspected millionaire who owns a thriving chain of seedy hourly hotels. For years, Gondo has succeeded at hiding the true extent of his assets from the Japanese authorities. As the government investigation progresses, Itakura and Gondo find themselves locked in a battle of wits — one further complicated by their growing affections for each other. Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Yasha-ga-ike AKA Demon Pond (1979)

Outside of a small village in Japan, a mysterious pond is inhabited by mythic creatures. Their story is of revenge, tragedy, and the power of real love. A classical tale which translates wonderfully to film. Read More »

Akira Kurosawa – Kagemusha [+commentary] (1980)

Akira Kurosawa’s lauded feudal epic presents the tale of a petty thief (Tatsuya Nakadai) who is recruited to impersonate Shingen (also Nakadai), an aging warlord, in order to avoid attacks by competing clans. When Shingen dies, his generals reluctantly agree to have the impostor take over as the powerful ruler. He soon begins to appreciate life as Shingen, but his commitment to the role is tested when he must lead his troops into battle against the forces of a rival warlord. Read More »

Shinji Aoyama – Kôrogi AKA Crickets (2006)

Kaoru, a woman in her 30s, is married to an older, blind and apparently mute man, whom she cares for in a house in a small coastal town on the Izu Peninsula. She claims to be dependent on him, but what binds them does not seem to be love. In her wandering, Kaoru discovers the bar of an association. Read More »

Yôjirô Takita – Okuribito AKA Departures (2008) (HD)

With the breakup of his Tokyo orchestra, a young cellist returns with his adoring wife to his hometown. Searching for work, he responds to a cryptic ad for work in “Departures”, only to find out that the position is in the ritual preparation of corpses. Read More »

Toshirô Mifune – Gojuman-nin no isan AKA The Legacy of 500,000 (1963) (HD)

During the Second World War, Takeichi Matsuo had participated in hiding a huge cache of gold in the Phillippine mountains. Years after the war, he is kidnapped by Mitsura and Keigo Gunji, brothers who want Matsuo to lead them to the still-buried gold. Matsuo, who is tormented by the memories of the half-million Japanese who died in the Phillippines during the war, wants to make off with the gold and return it to the Japanese people. But of course the Gunji brothers have other ideas. Read More »