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Memduh Ün – Üç arkadas AKA Three Friends (1958)

Three hopeless cronies from the slums help a blind panhandler girl who is homeless and hungry. The girl, an ingenue, brings a new hope to everyone’s life, especially to the one who falls in love with her. Read More »

Suha Arin – Sisler Kovulunca AKA When the Fog is Swept Away (1986)

When the Fog is Swept Away, The Houses and Craftsmen of Old (Eastern Black Sea Region) is documenting rapidly vanishing old houses and craftsmen for the new generations. Read More »

Emre Yalgin – Teslimiyet aka Other Angels (2009)

Sanem is a working girl sharing a flat with three transvestites in Istanbul. Every day she dreams of a savior who will take her away. One day a young man named Gökhan moves into the neighborhood, and soon Sanem attracts his attention. This will be the beginning of a journey during which both will question each other and their choices in life. Read More »

Atif Yilmaz – Egreti Gelin (2005)

Ali is 18. His feet are firmly off the ground. The very idea of marriage seems like a game. But the bride’s parents are ready and willing. Business ventures will be set up between the families; the arrangement will pay off all round. Ali, meanwhile, is more interested in playing with puppets and dressing up as a rooster for the travelling theatre. His fiancée has only so much patience… So what should his parents do? What was that? Hire a Borrowed Bride? Meaning exactly what? Well just that: borrow a bride, as the title of the film suggests… Read More »

Zülfü Livaneli – Yer demir gök bakir AKA Iron Earth, Copper Sky (1987)

Villagers in an Anatolian hamlet dread the arrival of their landlord as there is no money to give him. In desperation they turn to the hated local headman. Tashbash is the only dissenter and when someone recognises him as a saint his life changes. Read More »

Yavuz Sezer – Bekleyis AKA The Waiting (1978)

Fikret Hakan is imprisoned, he is visited by his wife and son, he is once taken outside to receive medial treatment from a young woman doctor. Read More »

Ziya Öztan – Cumhuriyet AKA The Republic (1998)

The true story of foundation of modern Turkish Republic
28 June 2006 | by ryquelm (United States)

Especially Rutkay Aziz-Mustafa Kemal ATATURK acts his role as perfect as the other movie ‘Kurtulus’ which he also acts as Ataturk too. This is the true story of foundation of Turkish Republic between the years of early 1920’s to 1933. Especially the movie indicates the battle of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk against the radical Islamic groups, providing secularism to the new Turkish Republic and likewise, his incredible modern revolutions that were applied to a Muslim country before major modern European countries. After all of his revolutionary actions Turkiye(Turkey) became a secular and modern country in just 10 years. Particularly, For Turkish people this movie became into a more important situation on these years in terms of regarding and respecting Ataturk and his revolutions. Read More »