Ulrich Köhler

  • Ulrich Köhler – Schlafkrankheit AKA Sleeping Sickness (2011)

    Ebbo and Vera Velten have been living in Africa for a long time. Ebbo is managing a sleeping sickness program. His work is fulfilling. In contrast, Vera feels increasingly uncomfortable with her life in the expat community of Yaoundé and the separation from her daughter Helen, 14, who is attending boarding school in Germany.
    Ebbo has to give up his life in Africa or he loses the women he loves. But he has become a stranger to Europe. His fear of returning increases from day to day.
    Years later. Alex Nzila, a young French doctor of Congolese origin, travels to Cameroon to evaluate a development project. He hasn’t been to Africa for a long time. But instead of finding new prospects, he encounters a destructive, lost man: like a phantom, Ebbo slips away from his evaluator. (Synopsis courtesy of the Berlinale)Read More »

  • Ulrich Köhler – Feldstraße (1993)

    A series of cameras outside of a U-Bahn station record various pedestrians and storefronts.Read More »

  • Ulrich Köhler – Montag kommen die Fenster AKA Windows on Monday (2006)

    For Nina, her husband Frieder, and their daughter Charlotte, a new house in a new town could mean the beginning of a phase of domestic bliss. But Nina is having her doubts; she stands about in the half-empty rooms, feeling thoroughly alienated. Suddenly, without saying a word, she decides to leave.Read More »

  • Ulrich Köhler & Henner Winckler – Das freiwillige Jahr AKA A Voluntary Year (2019)

    Urs is a single doctor who looks after his alcoholic brother Falk. Trying to prevent his daughter Jette from getting stuck in their little province, he persuades her to volunteer in South America.Read More »

  • Ulrich Köhler – In My Room (2018) (HD)

    A bored man suddenly realizes everyone around him has disappeared though he isn’t sure what happened.Read More »

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