Ulrich Tukur

  • Michael Verhoeven – Mutters Courage aka My Mother’s Courage (1995)

    From the director of The White Rose and The Nasty Girl, comes this stunning adaptation of Hungarian author George Tabori’s autobiographical, somewhat surreal novel. Shifting between Nazi-occupied Budapest and present-day Berlin, the film artfully depicts the true story of how Tabori’s mother Elsa escaped deportation to Auschwitz.Read More »

  • Michael Glawogger – Das Vaterspiel AKA Kill Daddy Good Night (2009)

    Ratz wishes he could kill his father who is an Austrian Minister. At least virtually. He develops a computer game that allows him do so as often as he pleases. On the opposite path, we follow Jonas’ suspenseful journey who has devoted his entire life tracking the Nazi Official who killed his father and who, as the records state, is in hiding. One day, Mimi, Ratz’ first love, calls him up from New York to join her and renovate a cellar. She promises him in return to help him sell his video game. This will unexpectedly bring Ratz face to face with uncomfortable questions about history and his own filial relationships to his father.Read More »

  • Michael Schaack – Felidae [+Extras] (1994)

    Francis, a tomcat, and his “can opener,” a writer of pulp romances, move into a new neighborhood, where a feline serial killer appears to be on the loose.

    Gifted with an inquisitive temperament beyond that of the typical house cat, he befriends a battle-scarred and foul-mouthed tom by the name of Bluebeard, who shares the belief of the other cats in the neighborhood that the bloody murders are the work of a human. Francis thinks that the evidence points to another cat, and sets out to sniff out the culprit.Read More »

  • Michael Winterbottom & Kevin Brownlow – Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood (1996)



    Documentary mini-series about the rise and fall of the European silent film industry.
    Read More »

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