Ursula Meier

  • Ursula Meier – La ligne AKA The Line (2022)

    Ursula Meier2021-2030BelgiumDrama
    La ligne (2022)
    La ligne (2022)

    Margaret is charged with a three-month restraining order for having hit her mother. But the 100 meters that now separate her from her home only exacerbate Margaret’s desire to come closer to her family.Read More »

  • Ursula Meier – L’enfant d’en haut (2012)

    2011-2020DramaSwitzerlandUrsula Meier

    Every day, twelve-year-old Simon takes the cable car up to the mountains where the slopes bristle with the hustle and bustle of winter season tourists. He pokes about in hotel wardrobes and changing rooms looking for something to eat in rucksacks, but what he’s really after are skis that he can turn into cash.
    Whenever he talks to holidaymakers or hotel staff, he tells them that his parents died in a car accident and that he lives alone with his sister. Louis, the young woman who lives in the apartment in the valley has no idea what Simon gets up to all day long. Their odd relationship alternates between quarrels and tenderness.Read More »

  • Ursula Meier – Des épaules solides AKA Strong Shoulders (2003)

    Ursula Meier2001-2010DramaSwitzerlandTV

    A teenage girl struggles to achieve perfection as a distance runner amidst the intense surroundings of a specialty academy for athletes. Not content to run with the female squad, she tries to prove that she can run as fast as any of the male athletes. As she works to build her body into a high performance machine, she discovers some unsuspected obstacles from puberty and an unfortunate genetic predisposition. A smart coming of age story, Urusla Meier’s directorial debut features a remarkable physical and emotional performance from Louise Szpindel.Read More »

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