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Edmond Keosayan – Korona Rossiyskoy Imperii, ili Snova Neulovimye AKA The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Once Again the Elusive Avengers (1971)

Third part of the Elusive Avengers trilogy. Danya, Yasha, Ksanya and Valeri have joined the Cheka and take an active part against White Guards who have stolen an imperial crown of great value from a museum. Read More »

Edmond Keosayan – Novye priklyucheniya neulovimykh AKA New Adventures of the Elusives (1968)

A sequel to the film “Elusive Avengers”, recounting the adventures of the magnificent foursome of brave teenagers assigned by their commanders to get the operational map of an important area’s fortifications. Having learnt that this top-secret map is being kept in the Counterintelligence Chief’s safe, one of “the elusives”, Danka, pretends to be a bootblack and puts up an observation post by the Counterintelligence Headquarters. By staging a distracting operation, the friends steal the map from the safe. The Counterintelligence people go to great lengths in order to recover the operational map. Are they going to succeed? Read More »