Víctor Hugo Carrizo

  • Alejandro Fadel – El Amor – primera parte aka Love – Part one (2004)

    2001-2010Alejandro FadelArgentinaComedyExperimental

    A fresh, likeable comedy about the beginning, middle and end of a romance, “Love (Part One)” is a charming piece of froth that should hit the mark with young audiences who will see themselves reflected in the 25-year-olds’ pains. The rare indie made without state subsidies, its anti-auteur stance makes sense, though viewers over 30 are likely to find the concept too cute for its own good….Read More »

  • Albertina Carri – La rabia AKA Anger (2008)

    2001-2010Albertina CarriArgentinaArthouseDrama

    Life in the Argentine pampas is nasty, brutish and short, judging by the intense, compelling drama “La Rabia.” Impressive if challenging-to-watch work by helmer Albertina Carri (“Los rubios,” “Geminis”) observes adultery, violence and animal slaughter largely through the eyes of two disturbed children, while use of jagged animation and luminous landscape shots transmutes the base material into something more sublime. “La Rabia” is certain to sweep through fests, but could have trouble finding distribution in some territories due to unfaked deaths of various animals which, per opening credits, “lived and died as they naturally would.”Read More »

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