Vladimir Vysotskiy

  • Kira Muratova – Korotkiye vstrechi AKA Brief Encounters (1967)

    1961-1970DramaKira MuratovaUSSR

    Anna Lawton wrote:
    After a brilliant debut with Our Daily Bread (1965), co-directed with her husband Alexander Muratov, Muratova was allowed to make her own film, Brief Encounters (1967). On the surface the story was simple enough. Valentina, a conscientious civil servant in charge of the regional housing office, and Maxim, a geologist-prospector and guitar player devoted to an itinerant and adventurous life, have a difficult relationship – a series of brief encounters and lengthy separations. Their episodic meetings bring into focus their love and need for each other, but also their basic differences, disappointments, and resentment. There is a third character in this love triangle, Nadya, a country girl Valentina hires as a maid without knowing of her past relation with Maxim.Read More »

  • Aleksandr Mitta – Skaz pro to, kak tsar Pyotr arapa zhenil AKA The Tale of How Tsar Peter Married Off A Moor (1976)

    1971-1980AdventureAleksandr MittaRomanceUSSR

    A delightful mixture of history, humor, and drama!
    9 October 2001 | by Eric Norton

    Peter the Great takes a Russian man of African heritage – Ibrahim Petrovich Hannibal – under his wing as the tsar builds his grand navy. After having a disastrous affair in France, Ibrahim vows to never fall in love again, until he sees the daughter of a wealthy boyar. Peter the Great insists the two be married, but Ibrahim goes against the tsar’s wishes, refusing to force her to marry him since she doesn’t consent. When another man tries to marry her, however, Ibrahim’s loyalties and generous nature are put to the test.Read More »

  • Kira Muratova – Korotkie vstrechi AKA Brief Encounters (1967)

    1961-1970DramaKira MuratovaRomanceThe Female GazeUSSR


    Nadya (Nina Ruslanova) is a young woman who loves the geologist Maxim (Vladimir Vysotsky). She takes a job as a housemaid before discovering Maxim is romantically involved with town official Valentina Ivanovna (Kira Muratova). The heartbroken Nadya goes away before Maxim can return, leaving him and Valentina to pursue their romance.

    Nadja, a country girl moves to the city and becomes Valya’s maid. Valya, a member of the District Soviet, does not know that Nadja fell in love with Valya’s currently absent husband, a geologist, when he was at her village on a recent expedition. Written by Erik Gregersen {[email protected]}Read More »

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