Wendell Corey

  • Franklin Adreon – Cyborg 2087 (1966)

    Franklin Adreon1961-1970Sci-FiUSA

    Earth’s civilization of the future sends a cyborg back to the 1960s to change the future.

    Garth A7 (Michael Rennie), a cyborg from the future world of 2087, travels back in time to 1966 to prevent Professor Sigmund Marx (Eduard Franz) from revealing his new discovery, an idea that will make mind control possible and create a tyranny in Garth’s time. He is pursued by two “Tracers” (also cyborgs) out to stop him.Read More »

  • Don Hartman – Holiday Affair (1949)

    1941-1950ComedyDon HartmanRomanceUSA

    Nothing like a love triangle to spice up Christmas, right? Don Hartman’s Holiday Affair delivers that and…well, not much else, but it’s still an enjoyable romantic comedy that’s fallen well under the radar during the last 70 years. At the center or if all is young widow Connie Ennis (Janet Leigh); she lives with her precocious son Timmy (Gordon Gebert), works as a comparison shopper, and has been dating lawyer Carl Davis (Wendell Corey) for two years. After a mistake almost costs Connie her job, she’s saved by clerk Steve Mason (Robert Mitchum)… that is, until he’s promptly fired for not calling her out. Nonetheless, their resulting afternoon is spent together and she takes a liking to the smooth- talking war veteran, who also leaves quite an impression on little Timmy. Carl, of course, is skeptical.Read More »

  • Robert Siodmak – The File on Thelma Jordon (1950)

    1941-1950Film NoirRobert SiodmakUSA

    from Noir City 17
    Boozy assistant DA Cleve Marshall (Wendell Corey) reels from a stifling marriage into an affair with the mysterious Thelma Jordon (Barbara Stanwyck). He’s so smitten, and besotted, he misses the warning signs: Thelma has a sickly aunt loaded with dough and spends lots of time in the arms of shadowy and sinister Tony Laredo (Richard Rober). Something bad is bound to happen … and when it does Cleve winds up working both sides of the law. Noir master Siodmak does a spellbinding job with a terrific script, and Stanwyck—Queen of Noir—offers a terrific, two-faced turn in one of her most rarely screened films.Read More »

  • John H. Auer – Hell’s Half Acre (1954)

    1951-1960CrimeFilm NoirJohn H. AuerUSA

    A woman who believes her missing husband is in prison in Hawaii on a murder charge travels there to see if it actually is him. However, he escapes before she sees him, when he hears that his current girlfriend has been murdered. The wife searches the slum area of Honolulu known as Hell’s Half Acre for him, he searches for his girlfriend’s killer, and his gangland associates are looking for the two of them.Read More »

  • Tonino Cervi – La nottata (1975)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaItalyTonino Cervi

    Susy and Angela, two unprejudiced Milanese girls, meet by chance in a “toilet”, where a distracted bourgeois lady has just forgotten a two million ring; together they take and try to sell it. For this purpose they rely on a young taxi driver, Vito, of southern origin. He first leads them to a receiver, who they find dead; and then, in the house of a transvestite, where a jeweler buys the ring at a fraudulent price. But, after leaving the house, they realize that the money has disappeared. Then all three come across with Marta and Davide, a rich vicious couple that involve them in erotic games. They follow and Vito follows the trends for a while. At dawn, after a momentary quarrel, Susy and Angela separate. Angela spends a disappointing night with Piero, another boy they met in the elegant villa of the spouses, while Susy went to the station to leave Milan. In the morning the two meet again, confessing each other that it was Angela who took the money that seemed gone, while Susy had managed to steal the ring back from the jeweler.(imdb.com)Read More »

  • Mervyn LeRoy – Any Number Can Play (1949)

    1941-1950ClassicsDramaMervyn LeRoyUSA

    In this light drama, Clark Gable once again played his stock-in-trade role of a rogue with a heart of gold. Charlie King (Gable) runs a casino, but, in a business that thrives among the unscrupulous, Charlie takes pride in running an honest game and treating his customers with fairness and respect. However, Charlie’s wife Lon (Alexis Smith) doesn’t care if he runs a fair game — she regards gambling as a dirty and corrupt business, and no matter how honest Charlie may be, he’s still involved in a wicked activity. Charlie’s son Paul (Darryl Hickman) is also against him; when Paul gets in trouble and Charlie bails him out of jail, he refuses to leave with him, instead going home with mother. Charlie invites Paul to see what his casino is like, and Lon agrees that Paul should know just what his father does.
    — Mark Deming.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – The Furies (1950)

    1941-1950Anthony MannClassicsUSAWestern

    The 1870s, New Mexico territory: T.C. Jeffords is a cattle baron who built his ranch, the Furies, from scratch. He borrows from banks, pays hired hands with his own script (“T.C.’s”), and carries on low-level warfare with the Mexicans who settled the land but are now considered squatters. He has enemies, including Rip Darrow, a saloon owner who’s father T.C. took land from. His headstrong daughter, Vance, has a life-long friend in one of the Mexicans, her heart set on Rip, and dad’s promise she’ll run the Furies someday. Her hopes are smashed by Rip’s revenge, a gold-digger who turns T.C.’s head, and T.C.’s own murderous imperialism. Is Vance to be cursed by fury and hatred?Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – The Killer Is Loose (1956)

    1951-1960Budd BoetticherFilm NoirThrillerUSA


    A bank robber’s (Wendell Corey) wife is shot during his arrest by a cop (Joseph Cotten). He escapes to kill the cop’s wife (Rhonda Fleming) as retribution. Despite the cop’s protest, the police decide to use Fleming as a lure. From Warner Brothers Website!Read More »

  • Andrew Marton – The Wild North (1952)

    1951-1960AdventureAndrew MartonUSAWestern


    In 1952, many “outdoors” adventure films would be shot on the studio back-lot, with fake-looking backgrounds and interior sets masquerading as exteriors. The Wild North benefits greatly from the fact that much of it was shot on authentic locations (the American state of Idaho standing in for northern Canada). The film also benefits from a clutch of strong leading performances from Stewart Granger and Wendell Corey, plus the ravishing Cyd Charisse (cast – some might say miscast – as a native Indian). The whole film is smartly presented by Andrew Marton, whose last film prior to this was another outdoor adventure with Stewart Granger, the 1950 version of King Solomon’s Mines.Read More »

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