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Peter Kuran – Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie (1995)

The history of nuclear weapons between 1945 until 1963.

“Trinity and Beyond” is an unsettling yet visually fascinating documentary presenting the history of nuclear weapons development and testing between 1945-1963. Narrated by William Shatner and featuring an original score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, this award-winning documentary reveals previously unreleased and classified government footage from several countries. Read More »

John Korty – Go Ask Alice (1973)

70s account of a girl’s descent into drug abuse.
The book it is based on, (which may or may not be a true story) was standard reading at school for a generation.

Stars William Shatner. Read More »

Leslie Stevens – Incubus (1966)

Demons in the form of lovely young women lead dishonorable men to their deaths. One particularly beautiful demon meets and falls in love with an honorable young soldier (William Shatner). Her older sister (also a demon) is outraged and conjures (in a stirring scene) their fierce brother, who brutalizes Shatner’s sister. A haunting, breathtakingly photographed tale of good and evil, love and revenge, INCUBUS also has the odd distinction of being filmed entirely in Esperanto, the language created in 1887 to facilitate easy communication between people of different cultures. Read More »