Witold Leszczynski

  • Witold Leszczynski – Konopielka (1982)

    1981-1990ArthousePolandWitold Leszczynski

    An adaptation of a novel by Edward Redlinski and a grotesque on country life. A peasant called Kaziuk leaves one morning to collect brushwood. When he comes back everything seems to be radically different. His cow has calved prematurely – which brings bad luck. What is more, he sees a wondering beggar, a young teacher and a party activist at his home. The activist wants to build a school and an electricity line, because the peasants enjoy poor hygiene and live in superstition. Kaziuk understands little of it, but remains impressed. The next day it turns out that the teacher is to become Kaziuk’s lodger. She stirs erotic fantasies in him.Read More »

  • Witold Leszczynski – Siekierezada AKA Axiliad, or The Winter of Forest People (1986)

    1981-1990ArthouseDramaPolandWitold Leszczynski

    A young, idealistic poet, turns his back on civilization and goes to small, backwood village, rents a bed in the house of an old woman, and decides to make his living as a lumberjack. Soon he realizes that the world around him is far from perfect. He does not make any real contact with the people in the village. And then another outcast like him rents a bed in the same house.Read More »

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