Yaman Okay

  • Tevfik Baser – 40 Quadratmeter Deutschland (1986)

    1981-1990ArthouseDramaTevfik BaserTurkey

    The title Forty Square Meters of Germany refers to the shabby apartment where 90% of the film takes place. Ozay Fecht stars in this emotionally-charged drama as an impressionable Turkish girl named Turna, who is taken in by the tall tales spun by migrant worker Dursun (played by Yaman Okay), whom she marries and follows to Germany. But the young bride’s hopes for a better life in Germany are abruptly dashed.Read More »

  • Ali Özgentürk – At AKA Horse, My Horse (1982)

    1981-1990Ali ÖzgentürkDramaTurkey

    Driven by the desire to see his son get an education and rise out of their level of abject poverty, a peasant father takes his boy to Istanbul to look for the advantages that were missing in his life. He hopes to find a good job so he can send his son to school, but as time goes by it seems they can barely make their way around the city and stay out of debt, let alone get ahead. Besides, the police always seem to be after them for one thing or another. Director Ali Özgentürk was arrested before he completed shooting this film, with no reason given for his arrest — as the content of his film suggests, this is not an unusual occurrence. He was later released.
    — Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide.Read More »

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