Yasujirô Ozu

  • Yasujirô Ozu – Kaze no naka no mendori AKA A Hen in the Wind (1948)

    1941-1950AsianDramaJapanYasujiro Ozu

    A man returns from World War II to find his desperate wife had resorted to one night of prostitution to pay for their son’s hospital bills.Read More »

  • Yasujirô Ozu – Chichi ariki AKA There Was a Father (1942)

    1941-1950AsianDramaJapanYasujiro Ozu

    Yasujiro Ozu’s frequent leading man Chishu Ryu is riveting as Shuhei, a widowed high school teacher who finds that the more he tries to do what is best for his son’s future, the more they are separated. Though primarily a delicately wrought story of parental love, There Was a Father offers themes of sacrifice that were deemed appropriately patriotic by Japanese censors at the time of its release during World War II, making it a uniquely political film in Ozu’s body of work.Read More »

  • Yasujirô Ozu – Shukujo wa nani o wasureta ka AKA What Did the Lady Forget? (1937)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyJapanYasujiro Ozu

    An affluent medical professor, Komiya, and his bossy wife, Tokio, are to look after Setsuko, their high-spirited niece from Osaka. Setsuko is a liberated woman who does what she wants, including smoking, even though she is a minor. On Saturday, the professor does not feel like going to his weekend golf game, but his wife packs him off anyway. So he leaves his bag at the apartment of his student Okada, and goes to a bar with a friend. Setsuko traces him there, and insists that he take her to a geisha house. When she gets rather tipsy, the professor calls Okada to take her home, while he sleeps at Okada’s. The wife becomes suspicious of Setsuko when she sees Okada bringing her home, and also of her husband when she discovers that he did not go golfing.Read More »

  • Yasujirô Ozu – Sôshun AKA Early Spring (1956)

    1951-1960ClassicsDramaJapanYasujiro Ozu

    A young man and his wife struggle within the confines of their passionless relationship while he has an extramarital romance.Read More »

  • Daniel Raim – Ozu & Noda (2019)

    2011-2020Daniel RaimDocumentaryShort FilmUSA

    A documentary by Daniel Raim on Yasujiro Ozu’s relationship with longtime screenwriter Kogo Noda.Read More »

  • Yasujirô Ozu – Rakudai wa shitakeredo aka I flunked but… (1930)

    1921-1930ComedyJapanYasujiro Ozu

    Yasujirô Ozu wrote:
    One could say this is the flip side of I Graduated, But… The student-protagonist scribbles his crib notes on his shirt sleeve, but the day of his graduation exam, the girl at his boarding house unwittingly takes the shirt to the launderette So naturally, he flunks. However, those who pass and graduate in high spirits cannot land any job, while the ones who flunked can continue to bum around living off their parent’s money. It’s a vignette. Although Ryu Chishu has appeared in my previous films, it was the first time I let him have a go at a more significant role.Read More »

  • Yasujirô Ozu – Kohayagawa-ke no aki AKA The End of Summer (1961)

    1961-1970DramaJapanYasujiro Ozu

    The Kohayakawa family is thrown into distress when childlike father Manbei takes up with his old mistress, in one of Ozu’s most deftly modulated blendings of comedy and tragedy.

    Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews” wrote:
    This Technicolor film is the deft blending of comedy and tragedy; it’s the penultimate film of arguably Japan’s best filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu (“Early Spring”/”Tokyo Story”/”Late Spring”). It’s co-scripted by the director and his regular screenwriter Kôgo Noda. It features the extended Kohayagawa family, who run a small sake brewery in post-war Japan and in failing times are thinking about merging their business with a larger company.Read More »

  • Yasujiro Ozu – Banshun aka Late Spring (1949)

    1941-1950AsianDramaJapanYasujiro Ozu



    Plot from allmovie by Hal Erickson

    Veteran Japanese writer/director Yasujiro Ozu’s second postwar production was 1949’s Late Spring or Banshun. Chisu Ryu plays another of Ozu’s realistic middle-class types, this time a widower with a marriageable daughter. Not wishing to see the girl resign herself to spinsterhood, Ryu pretends that he himself is about to be married. The game plan is to convince the daughter that they’ll be no room for her at home, thus forcing her to seek comfort and joy elsewhere. What makes this homey little domestic episode work is the rapport between Chisu Ryu and Setsuko Hara, who plays the daughter. Late Spring is no facile Hollywood farce; we like these people, believe in them, and wish them the best.Read More »

  • Yasujirô Ozu – Wasei kenka tomodachi (1929)

    1921-1930ComedyJapanShort FilmYasujiro Ozu

    A more than pleasant, funny and touching short(ened) burlesque comedy of young Y. Ozu.
    Two friends provide shelter to an orphan girl they have accidentally knocked down.Read More »

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