Yavuz Turgul

  • Yavuz Turgul – Ask Filmlerinin Unutulmaz Yönetmeni AKA The Unforgettable Director of Romantic Movies (1990)

    1981-1990ComedyDramaTurkeyYavuz Turgul

    Hasmet, director of love stories, wants to make a film with a “social content”. He makes a deal with the producer Abdulkadir, yet the actress Mujde Ar doesn’t accept the leading role, as Hasmet expected. Hasmet gives the role to Jeyan. He starts to shoot with a very limited budget. In the meantime the producer Abdulkadir cheats everyone and runs away. Jeyan fancies Tarcan, who is the leading actor, but Hasmet himself is interested in Jeyan. He first fires both of the out of jealousy, but rehires them out of necessity. With great difficulties, he finally finishes the film. However, nobody appears in the gala and the crew does not like the movie at all. Hasmet feels suicidal, but a phone call brings him back to life: a producer wants him to make a romantic movie – just what he is the master of!Read More »

  • Yavuz Turgul – Av mevsimi (2010)

    2001-2010CrimeMysteryTurkeyYavuz Turgul

    The lives of three police are turned upside-down during a murder investigation.Read More »

  • Yavuz Turgul – Muhsin Bey AKA Mr. Muhsin (1987)

    1981-1990ComedyDramaTurkeyYavuz Turgul

    Muhsin Bey is frequently quoted as being a turning point in Turkish cinema. With some notable exceptions, much of Turkey’s movie production up to Muhsin Bey consisted of cheap tear-jerkers, juvenile comedy and remakes of popular foreign movies. While many of these movies still have appeal for Turkish audiences today, it is mainly for nostalgic reasons. Muhsin Bey, in contrast, is an original movie with both comedic and dramatic elements, dealing with social change in a way that is both universal and specific to Turkey.Read More »

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