Yesim Ustaoglu

  • Yesim Ustaoglu – Pandora’nin kutusu AKA Pandora’s Box (2008)

    When an aging matriarch starts showing signs of dementia, her dysfunctional family in Istanbul must navigate a minefield of unresolved issues to care for her.Read More »

  • Yesim Ustaoglu – Günese yolculuk aka Journey to the Sun (1999)

    Mehmet, a young Turkish man newly migrated from the village Tire, takes a job searching for water leaks below the surface of the streets of Istanbul. Due to a strange set of events, he is mistaken for a Kurd, imprisoned, and brutally beaten. Upon his release a week later, he becomes an outcast marked as a Kurd, losing his apartment, his job, and eventually his girl friend, Arzu. When a Kurdish friend, Berzan is killed in a street protest triggered by a hunger strike, Mehmet takes a trek to return the body to Berzan’s home village near the Iraqi border, and learns why so many Kurds are refugees.Read More »

  • Yesim Ustaoglu – Bulutlari Beklerken AKA Waiting for the Clouds (2003)

    Ayse/Eleni who is a member of a Greek family in Turkey is forced to immigrate from Trabzon to Mersin in her early ages. However, the events that happen cause her to face her own past.Read More »

  • Yesim Ustaoglu – Iz AKA The Track (1994)

    Kemal is a plainclothes policeman investigating a suicide whose face has been obliterated. He becomes obsessed with the real appearance of the dead man.Read More »

  • Yesim Ustaoglu – Tereddut AKA Clair Obscur (2016)


    “Clair Obscur” is the psychological dance of two women who are deprived of and distanced from their natural right to mature and discover themselves, to love and be loved, and to sustain a real relationship of their choosing. The social cost of these psychological wounds reverberates from micro to macro levels throughout society, rotting it from within.Read More »

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