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Masahiro Shinoda – Shamisen to ootobai aka Love New and Old (1961)

A woman brings her injured daughter to the hospital, only to realize that the doctor is the estranged father of her child. Directed by Masahiro Shinoda. Read More »

Kazui Nihonmatsu – Konchû daisensô AKA Genocide (1968)

The insects are taking over in this nasty piece of disaster horror directed by Kazui Nihonmatsu. A group of military personnel transporting a hydrogen bomb are left to figure out how and why swarms of killer bugs took down their plane; the answer is more deliriously nihilistic—and convoluted—than you could imagine. Also known as War of the Insects, Genocide enacts a cracked doomsday scenario like no other. Read More »

Yasuzô Masumura – Shibirekurage AKA The Hot Little Girl (1970)

Aspiring fashion model Midori (Atsumi Mari) finds herself caught between a dubious lover (Kawazu Yûsuke) and the yakuza. The sixth and final film in Daiei’s “Mollusk” series. Masumura co-authored the script with Ishimatsu Yoshihiro. The title — Shibire kurage — translates literally as Numbing Jellyfish. Read More »

Yasuzô Masumura – Denki kurage aka Play it Cool (1970)

Yumi is a young orphan girl. She studies in a sewing school paid by her mother’s hard work as a bar hostess. All their plans will be disrupted when the mother’s boyfriend will rape Yumi, virgin and innocent.

The film sometimes “helps itself” with some psychoanalytic clichés to move forward or gives substance to its tale (For ex., Yumi plays cards almost as a genetic gift). But there’s more truth in the simple portrait of the young girl Yumi and in many details of the Japanese way of life, society and way of laws (an ironic comparison of gambling and prostitution)… including a scene which captures with an amazing realism the violence of greed. Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Yûhi ni akai ore no kao AKA Killers On Parade (1961)

Mod-sixties visuals and black humor mark this wild New Wave masterpiece about a vengeful contractor who hires a series of young killers to target a woman muckraker. Trouble brews when an amateur marksman shows up his eclectic competition. Directed from a script by Shuji Terayama, Shinoda’s colorful showcase of action (and unexpected song!) has been compared to a pastiche of Pierrot le Fou and Kubrick’s The Killing. —NYFF 2010 Read More »

Keisuke Kinoshita – Utae wakado-tachi AKA Sing, Young People (1963)

A college student receives a surprising offer to be a movie star in this unlikely Kinoshita film, sort of college film by the veteran director including even semi nude scene, but eventually the same themes of dreams versus reality and alienation come to the surface.
Still, it’s one of his lighthearted films. Read More »

Nagisa Oshima – Seishun Zankoku Monogatari AKA Cruel Story of Youth (1960)

Nagisa Oshima’s groundbreaking film opens with young, attractive Mako and her friend hitching a ride from an old man. After her friend leaves, the man tries to rape her, and she is saved only by the handsome Kiyoshi. Later, against the background of the tumultuous 1960 U.S./Japan Security Treaty demonstrations, Kiyoshi and Mako walk along a grungy seaside lumberyard while talking about sex. He attempts to kiss her, she slaps him, and he throws her in the water. She cries out that she can’t swim. When she continues to refuse his advances, he steps on her fingers as she clings to a log. Read More »